Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Have been part of the work force before. Loved my job, my boss, my colleagues and friends. Gave work my best shot but never was it in any way above my choice job in the home. My family... my children received the best of me heart and soul and spiritually. I got them covered with prayers and that was and still is the best thing that I ever did and still do.. for them. Sacrifice must have been on the menu too but honestly it never seemed like one. It never is. It's just something you do from the heart naturally. Ask any mother and she will tell you the same. I love my family this big!!

Why am writing this now is to say to someone..... that work is good. We need it. But truthfully it does not need you. Because if you can't do the job, it will find somebody else who can and will.


Work with your very best but do not let life pass you by stuck at your desk. Work is not all of life. Neither is life just work. There's more out there in this big wide magnificent world... there's more you can do with who you are... there are people waiting to be part of your time -- of you (your family is one)... and most of all God didn't say that life should be spent exhausting yourself over one thing alone. He intended you to enjoy life to the fullest (there is a verse in the bible about that). And that means.....

..... savor life's wondrous potential for beauty and good, bask in the glory of nature, connect with good hearts and souls ready to welcome you into their midst, and treasure the moments which your family alone can give you akin to a delicious taste of heaven on earth.... and grow as you should but not only with charts, statistics, reports, data, etc. Grow as God intended you to grow --- a delight to His heart.

So why don't you?

Bless you all! :-)

(Photo courtesy of a good online friend; sent to me today)


  1. Hi, KP! Hey you got here first this time. :-) Hope your day is coming along fine. Mine is nice, uneventful (something which some might call boring lols..), but the lovely weather made up for the lack. Clear blue skies, cottony clouds gliding by, a light breeze, and a gentle sun shining this time. Quite a pleasant change from the heat of the past weeks. Hey thanks for coming by. Pleasure's all mine. :-)

  2. Ellen,

    So nice of you to share this as there are many who need to understand that a proper balance between work and life is of utmost importance.

    Take care

  3. So nice to see you, Jack. Balance, some say, is hard to achieve. I think it all begins on what is foremostly important to you.... the top priority of your life. It's a choice, a decision to be made alone. Whatever the choices made, it eventually defines the life we live.

    Thanks for dropping by. Always glad to see you.


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