Sunday, October 28, 2012


One day a cousin of a friend came up to me at a gathering with friends and said in jest... 'ang lalim ng mga sinusulat mo' (translated...'it's hard reading you').

I looked at her and replied... 'try it from here' (pointing to her heart) in jest too. 

'Baliw ka talaga!' (translated....'you're crazy') she replied with a laugh. 

To which I countered....'O diba, nasa puso ang kabaliwan' (translated.... 'yup, crazy is right there in the heart'). 

Don't worry when among friends, close friends, you get the privilege of being crazily straightforward and funny and come out of it in one piece. In our group we do it all the time.

Books fall in different categories, don't we know that. Correspondingly we either read with the mind or with the heart. In most of my reading I lean towards those which tug gently or fiercely at any of the strings in my heart. Stories which tell of human struggles, heartaches, foolishness or sometimes stupidity, passion, inspiration, spiritual growth and everything else which resonates with my own in my tiny niche of life and the world. I want to be reminded that I am not alone in my humanity - that out there in the big wide world there is or are other souls going through the same things I do. I want to feel this connection, this oneness with the rest of creation. So I read. And, so I write.

May God pour out blessings upon you today and in the week up ahead. God bless.


  1. Ellen,

    One can surely speak frankly from the heart when in company of true friends. I feel that one can not read a book unless it stirs some chord in mind or heart. At least I at times have given up a book after reading few pages as it did not make me keen to continue.

    Take care

    1. Absolutely true, Jack. Thanks for coming by and sharing your views. It's welcome and appreciated. Take care and have a wonderfully blessed day.

  2. Ah, great minds think alike (or should I say read alike?)! I love to get my emotions all stirred up in the story...

    1. Wonderful to know that you do too, Deb. :-) Have been to your blog and enjoyed your story and pictures of your week at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota with the Lakota people. A blessed experience for them and for your group. God works wonderful ways with wonderful people. Blessings!


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