Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I sit here glued to watching CNN with its update on 'Sandy'. Flooded streets, dark homes, snowed-in houses, fallen trees blocking roads, explosions and the fires after..... but my thoughts and heart goes inside those homes. Can you feel what they feel? Oh yes, we have been through the same perhaps much stronger with a 200kph typhoon .. not 85kph. But it's the same. It's a catastrophe. Mother nature is having a temper... a bad temper.. and we puny mortals are made helpless in its sway. That's the catastrophe.

But as my mother would tell me.... 'sometimes we are brought down to our knees to make us realize that we are nothing... but... for a very good reason'  We come to realize this that we are all the same no matter from what part of the globe you are... we fear, cry, go hungry, go thirsty, want warmth and shelter, seek safety and protection, seek help and healing, feel disappointed and frustrated, and pray to our God whatever his name be to us. I can see myself just like that if I were in their shoes.

And too that we are the same in wanting to rise up and build our lives anew with what's left for us to build on with the strength and courage we find within our souls. The indomitable spirit of man.  And that has or knows no color, race, or creed. By God's design.

From where we are we may seem powerless to help them. But nothing can restrain the power of PRAYER. Even God can't say no to that. Pray. He will listen. So let's send a deluge of prayer in their direction. Right now.


  1. Ellen,

    No matter what race, creed or nationality we are all equal in the eyes of God. And Mother Nature has to let us know that it is we who are making her angry by our own doings. Progress is welcome but not at the cost of ecological balance.

    Take care

    1. I agree with you, Jack. Well said. Thanks for sharing. Have always appreciated it from you.

      Take care. God bless you and your family.

  2. Our prayers are with them, hope things return to normalcy soon.

    1. Welcome, My journey! :-)

      We all hope so too. Thank you for prayers. I wish you a lovely day and weekend up ahead.

  3. Thanks and you too have lovely day and weekend ahead! Enjoy take care :)


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