Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Here for a bit but will leave you with this wonderful quote...  sent to me by my good friend Mr. Quote Man as usual. This  one I like very much.............. to quote

Prayers & Seeds are similar in nature.
Both have nothing Within,
but have the potential of creating Everything
-- (Unknown)


The seeds of every good action will bear fruit that's for sure. Sometimes long after when you can't be there to enjoy or relish full satisfaction and glory over a job well done for self or for others. Keep planting the seeds of good anyway. Nothing escapes the watchful eyes and heart of God.

Prayers definitely create that which you with your puny human strength cannot. Prayers bring into play great and greater possibilities and potential you never would have dreamed of in the least. Prayers awesomely make the Divine Power reachable to your feeble tiny human grasp and understanding. Blessed is the man or woman who prays.

Enjoy your vacation but squeeze-in time to remember the reason why we have the Holy Week. Blessings to you all. May the blessings of the Lenten Season be upon you and your loved ones.

(Thanks to Mr. Quote Man for the wonderful quote.)


  1. The tiny quote has fueled a great post with greater message.May the Holy Week bring you and your family all grace and blessings

  2. Ellen,

    So true. One should never stop doing what one can do for good of everyone and that too without expecting anything back. Prayers keep boosting inner strength of a person to achieve what he or she wants.

    Take care

    PS : Read on two current posts. I agree with the previous one also. I will try to catch up with other pending posts a s a p.


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