Thursday, April 25, 2013


Who cares to listen to another's tale of woes and more woes?! Because I have learned that the only tales of woe which we are truly interested in are our own. So I'm not telling mine. LOLS :-)  Sufficient to say that it was a miserable two weeks of being unwell and finally recovery that it still leaves me reeling from it all today. Yet I am going to admit that the week that passed was indeed such a welcome respite which I realize now was one that I needed.

But I'm hellbent on shaking the accumulated cobwebs away and get the Muses back into the writing groove again. Thoughts are wrestling and scrambling to get down into print that I can't decide now which should come first. Actually, all are worthy for the writing. Whenever or every time an experience or an event or an encounter comes into play and gets 'processed' in the mind the end-result that comes out is always worthy. Insights - perceptions  - views - wisdom are born this way. And that is good.

I write about such things knowing full well that it will pull on a familiar string or strings in the hearts of many. After all in spite of our valid differences we are still all basically the same. But what interests me most is your individual authentic original version of your self. We may be looking at the same things, but I would like to know your own thoughts about it. The external trappings of the self serve only to distract attention away from what truly matters. That which lies within is far more essential -- in the core of your being is who you truly are. It's not the gift-wrapping but the gift that brings the sparkle to one's eyes.

Here on my blog page I welcome with pleasure your sharing of your thoughts. Unleash the power of your mind. Because you are far more than you give yourself credit for. That, by the way, interests me hugely. And so with everybody else I believe.  :-)

Blessings to you and your families.

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