Monday, April 29, 2013


I like this from Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) .....  "One thing life has taught me:  if you are interested you never have to look for new interests. They come to you. When you are genuinely interested in one thing,  It will always lead to something else."

Writing is a passion. A passionate interest that has led me to fill up so many notebooks and notepads with so much writing ... some made full and then some left half-empty ... but definitely many. I write long and short, some make good sense and others just ho-hum. But I write. Essays, stories, poems, journals, blogs. Even if it's just a sentence.. a line or two... or a phrase... or an article for a local magazine or e-magazine site. It does not matter. Just to see the words stumble out of my pen on what once was a blank piece of paper or page is enough to get the heavenly stars into my eyes colliding with such ecstatic glee.

Furthermore the plus side of it is to discover that the writing opens other doors of interest which I would usually never have paid much attention to. When writing about creative hobbies one day in the blog my mind took a sudden shift just out of the blue thinking about trying my hand at painting. So I did. Took out a canvass, borrowed my daughter's water colors and paint brushes, and sat down to paint. Happy to say that I have today at least a dozen finished paintings lying around the house somewhere. It was an exhilarating experience that I would truly strongly suggest that you give it a try.

On another day while in the midst of writing, a new thought entered my mind as I gazed at the blue jeans left on the sofa by my daughter (oh yeah, she's a mess hahah...) -- why not sew a bag from an old pair of jeans? Yeah, why not?!! And to make a long story short I have sewn two ladies bags out of two old worn-out pairs of blue jeans. And three more pairs are simply waiting to be transformed by my new-found needlecraft skill. Try it and you just might surprise yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt is right...  when interest gets hold of you your whole world is transformed by wonderful discoveries one after the other.  Truly wonderful opportunities unfold and present themselves to you.

Be interested. Get interested. With life, with living.

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