Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Saw this in a book I was reading recently, to quote..... 

"In ancient Greece, those who sought the advice of the famous oracle at Delphi were greeted by a simple inscription above the entrance:  'Know Yourself'. It was a reminder that as well as seeking the counsel of others we must also look inward at what is going on in our bodies, our feelings, and our minds. By truly understanding ourselves we become our own surest guides."   -- (1001 Pearls of Wisdom, David Ross, published by Chronicle Books)

We go to great lengths in trying to understand people but nary a glance at trying to know ourselves better. Because we think that we already do. But do we really? It's not just about knowing your likes, dislikes, preferences, comfort zones, stuff which you perceive to be you and through which others may see you or interact with too. I believe there is far more than what goes on at the surface of our lives or persons.

The inner self or the core of which we are asked to seek out lies there within us just waiting ... placed there by Someone who meant it for our greater and better good. By God's design. When we find it only then perhaps can we truly say -- " I know me". And the miracles you were wishing for begin to happen.

My own search continues. Good luck to yours.

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