Saturday, May 25, 2013


A friend once quipped quite snootily I must say.. 'I see what you see, so what's the big deal?' -- Funny, if I hadn't remembered what Mom said to me long ago.. that person would have received a good verbal smack down from this ole little lady here that he'd wish he had kept his mouth shut... or... better resolve to make learning his quest henceforth. Kidding, of course!  I know.. we know .. that he just didn't understand. I have learned through life that much of knowledge and wisdom would simply pass you by if you don't learn to stop and look and listen. It's what you do with the information presented to you which makes the true mark. When you do that.. it becomes yours. But as in all blessings, make sure to pay it forward so that others may share in that blessing too. Because that matters.

'No two people are alike;  different folks - different strokes.' That's what Mom would always say. So let people say what they want. Because simply said  -- 'you catch a fish by its mouth' ... wisdom or ignorance reveals itself when a person begins to talk. Whenever good lessons are sent us by the Divine, we are expected to -- learn, process, internalize, probe, understand, toss it in our minds, and wrap it 'round our hearts. Because, by God's design, the goal is to grow in mind, heart, and spirit. And that is a big deal!

Here's a wonderful quote that sums it all up in one good bite.....

"Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen
and thinking what no one has thought."
(Eden Philpotte, England)

 Discover.. learn.. grow.. enjoy.. and thank God.
Blessings, everyone. Enjoy your lovely weekend.


  1. There is something more than mere seeing visually.One has to involve his mind in it and to put in your wonderful words-"to learn, process, internalize, probe, understand, toss it in our minds, and wrap it 'round our hearts."

    1. Hi, KP! Lovely to see you again. Apparently we agree on most things about life and living. Great! :-)

      I cruise down your blog page and pick up bits of wisdom here and there which tend to nudge a person to some good serious retrospection. Please continue writing in that special niche you have chosen for yourself in the blog world. More power to you.

      God bless you and your family.


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