Thursday, May 16, 2013


Life is such that it can be so wearying.. exhausting.. terrifying.. overwhelming and if you haven't learned to arm yourself against it... it will tear you down to pieces dash you to the ground quite easily. And that worries us. A lot! Indeed we worry about the slightest thing imagined or real that comes crashing through our doors. We steadily worry ourselves to unhappiness - sickness - desperation -- depression.. etc. etc. Geezz... writing about that already makes me feel so exhausted!

Here's a very nice piece I have found in my files last night. A nice one on Positive Energy written by arts4piece at MindSay, year 2006. Yes, I have kept it all of this time to serve as a reminder each time I'm feeling so worry wart-blue.

It may seem long but it's only about 300+ words... very important words. Take a few minutes to read it and you'll be glad you did. Some things no matter if we know them already need to be learned and relearned again and again.

To quote.....


"Energy is what runs this universe.....positive energy and negative energy.  The main energy source will bring to you the focus of your energy.  So, if finance is your area of need, focus on living in the lap of abundance.  Do not worry that there is no money for the car payment or next month's rent.  Put your positive energy into seeing the rent paid six months ahead, and "see" the clear car title in your hands.  The universe will give you the object of your focused energies.
Now, I'm not suggesting that you quit your job and sit back and focus positive thoughts on getting rich overnight.  Not the point at all.  But if you trust and believe that you are a child of God who created this vast universe, and who is the energy source for all that exists, and that your desires once released into the ether waves to be heard by all his emissaries, become the desires of the universal energy, you will learn to focus on what it is you DO want, not what you don't want.
Worry is a huge waste of energy.  It actually causes harm.  It is negative energy that mucks up the whole works.  You have so much power within you.....power to create just what it is you desire.  All you have to do is realize from whence that power comes, make a positive connection with it, believe in it, then trust in it, and start making it work for you.
Your thoughts are REAL, and they are just as powerful as hard physical labor.  If you think so long as you don't say negative hateful thoughts out loud, you've done no harm, you are not only fooling yourself, you are harming everyone. Negative thoughts actually lower the vibration of the universe.  Your thoughts are as real as the space where these words go when I push that "publish entry" button. 
Ever thought about that?  Where your words go when you do this blogging?  That same energy that takes your words where you want them to go takes your thoughts and stores them forever. 
Be mindful of your thought processes.  They carry great power."           

-- Unquote

God bless you!

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