Saturday, May 18, 2013


If there is something you want to do, some good, but unfortunately for some reason or another beyond your control you can't. Don't lose heart. There is still something that you can do. And that is to . . . . let God.

I say -- 'LET GOD'! -- There can't be anything in this world, below or above it that can be greater than God. He reigns above all.

He can handle anything you may bring to His attention in prayer. Oh yes, He can handle anything. So don't make Him small in your mind or heart. He is a BIG GOD. We are puny creatures in His hands yet He considers us so special that He listens to us like a father dotes on his children. We are His children... no matter who we are or what we are warts and all. He knows... He understands... He is merciful... He always forgives... He cares... He loves.

Let God. Let Him be God in your life..... in other people's lives..... in that person's life you are praying for. Let God ... and the world of miracles will open up to you and to anyone you lead His light and grace to.

Let God.

God bless you all. Have a blessed day.

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