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See that??? LOOK FOR THE HELPERS! ... instead of sitting on your high chairs and checking out for flaws. Get down here and get your hands dirty too, brother and sister! Or if you can't go physical for some reason or another, then >>>> SET THE SPOTLIGHT UNTO THE HELPERS (by word or print or get your cameras working and post them on social sites online) ... they are many! Bless 'em!!!

Let's drown out the negativity around us with POSITIVE IMAGES OF POSITIVE PEOPLE --- hearts and souls regardless of age, gender, race, color, or creed --- joined in one common NOBLE cause!!!

The post below is an eye-opener ..............

From Rob Crilly, a journalist, who was in Ground Zero in Tacloban:

But I have been shocked to see that the story for the past few days has been dominated by criticism of the relief effort.

These things take time. They can never, ever move fast enough when ships are the only way to deliver the colossal amounts of aid needed. No-one predicted that Typhoon Haiyan would be quite so lethal. And there is little left in the way of local government.

And you know what? One of the least reported aspects of this whole crisis has been the patient stoicism displayed by the victims. Most of their help has come from extended families. Relatives are looking after each other, pooling resources and sharing what little food they have. Those who have homes are taking in the homeless.

To lambast the international aid response and the local authorities is to misunderstand how humanitarian relief operates – and to overlook the humbling charity already on offer from people who have little to give.

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