Friday, November 22, 2013


My thoughts this fine God-blessed morning...

I like these words from Francis Kong. (See below)  So true that no man is without this precious gift or talent. No one! God made sure of that. All that we have to do is make the best use of it.... to develop and nurture self as we journey through life, to serve others with, to bring greater glory to God.

So then figure out what your gift/talent is. Don't wait too long to do that. Further, there is no small or big talent... all are the same: gifts from God for a purpose.

Remember 'no man is an island', we all stand connected. And if you think that you can live by yourself alone and independent as you think you are --- think again! Are you having your breakfast now? Because the food that you are feasting on was planted, harvested, prepared, transported, processed by many working human hands here or in some far away country until it got to your table.

Know your gift. Appreciate it. Put it to best use. Share it. And certainly not the least..... Thank God for it!

Have a lovely and blessed day, everybody! Good morning!
 To quote.....

We have different gifts according to the grace that God has given us. Most of the misery in life is not in the absence of gifts but the misuse of it. Mine is in the area of communications. Think about this for a moment. Process this and share (only if you are comfortable)...what is the gift that God has given you?

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