Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Whenever I feel the nudge to write I don’t just sit at my desk and words come flowing out like flood waters out of a broken dam or like a wild horse which has broken free from captivity now running wild and free. It doesn’t happen that way. Starting off with this magical nudge, I sit at my desk with my fingers poised over the keys waiting as my thoughts begin to churn. A phrase comes out and I type it. A paragraph comes next and I type that too. Then a pause wiggles in to which my eyes take advantage of wandering outside my window looking out to the blue sky or admiring the tree branches traipsing in the wind. A distraction you might say but not really. Thoughts don’t stop just because you look somewhere else. Well, at least it does that to me. It continues the process of thinking yet further enhanced by and with the observed nuances of a scene, thing, activity, or sound carried in by one momentary second of perceived distraction.

And the writing continues because the thinking cranks up to high gear. Now the typing picks up speed trying its best not to miss every word every thought. Then again another pause... something akin to vigorously running a long mile and coming to losing your wind and so you stop. But does the thinking stop too?

It does not. I may want to walk away from my desk with a new intent to grab a nice cup of coffee and too decide to sit back and relax enjoying it but my thoughts would still keep on tossing and turning ideas in my mind. It does not care about the coffee but it does care about my experience of it. Yes, more food for the thought and for the writing.

My mom, bless her soul, summed it up long ago with this......  ‘You think ... therefore you write.’

This post is also meant to encourage others out there who love to write to .......  connect with your thoughts and W-R-I-T-E !!

Blessings, everyone!


  1. Different strokes for different folks as you often say! Each one of us has different way.My mind is always clouded and thoughts hazy.I cannot type straight away any post.As I read the daily or books,some phrase or sentence catches my fancy and sets me thinking about it.It is only then I sit to write.Unlike you I get easily distracted by the smell of coffee or the noise outside to stop writing !!!You think and therefore you write.I have to write and therefore I think!!

    1. :-) Precisely. What may work for one may not for another. It's not the manner of writing which defines the writing but rather it's the writing itself which does. You are excellent in your particular niche in the blog, no doubt about it. How you achieve it is your own unique writing style. More power to you. And thank you for dropping by and for your comment.


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