Friday, February 21, 2014


Here are beautiful lines read from a lovely book written by Pamela Steinke -- "Good Morning... God". This book is a permanent among others more of best loved books gathered through the years of reading. It has bravely survived the many efforts of sorting out stuff for donation to worthy groups. It will be around for a longer time still as it continues to work its magic to my mind heart and soul.

Allow me to quote ................

Matthew 10:39

"Do not allow yourself to get wrapped up in self. Instead, let yourself be wrapped up in ME,  in your involvement with others. It is a rich world to those who seek to reach out beyond the bounce of their own existence. It is a world filled with wonder, filled with the splendor of sharing and reaping! Reach out to others, give of your time, your talents, your riches. Reach up and reach out and your life will be filled with treasure. Reach out in my NAME and be free."


A friend to whom I shared this with had this to say to that....  "Oh that's easy for one who has most everything in life. Having no bills to pay, no tuition to think about, no rent to worry about, no family squabbles that get on one's nerves, no messed up relationships, no uncertain future, no fear of losing a job, no illness draining one's energy and resources." And so much more she had on her list of burdens.

But I guess she didn't realize that those burdens are not her monopoly because we have them too, some or maybe all. And if it's not on that list, it could be something else of great or greater concern too, as far as we each are concerned. Of such is life. We know that, don't we?

Allow me to share my thoughts......

Certainly life is more than just our worries and woes, of burdens and strife. That it's not only the individual 'us' who live on this planet. To put it straight... life can't be just all about you or me.

As a person and individual, I operate in my own little corner of the world, true. And I try to work it the best way I can. But there also exists a bigger circle around me of family and friends, and a much bigger circle around that of neighborhood and community, and an even a huge circle winding round everything of country and the world.

Life is certainly not all about me. The years have taught me that we all stand connected in ways big and small. But sadly we seem to try to ignore that one simple truth. Instead we keep on building walls, fences, ideologies, philosophies, religions that serve the idea of the self.

The opposite is true... life has taught me that we thrive better if we all work together.... are joined with a common cause of wanting a blessed life. Thus we can move forward faster, dreams better realized, civilizations develop faster, generations improve one after the other, even mother nature revitalizes, and all living creatures live content in their unique original niche as Divinely designed.

God says 'Reach out' ... life is not just all about you or me or them. HE says we all stand connected. With that life can be far more richer.

God bless you all!

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