Thursday, September 25, 2014


Standing by the window to make sure that Bk the cat won't get into his usual early morning feline mischief was futile effort as it proved to be because as soon as he was let out the door off he ran, jumped up to the ledge of the fence and jumped again up to the roof - agile indeed with his usual brand of bravado. Well, that goes to say that I won't be seeing him until feeding time..... That's BK!

Bravado - audacity – boldness - daring. Humans do that, too, and for a diversity of reasons. Even mischief, as BK the black cat was predictable in his own.

For whatever the reason, humans meaning you and me and the rest of mankind, are indeed brave, audacious, bold, daring. It’s what we know best how to live this life. We do it in different measure or degree of intensity, purpose, and will. Some of us may be transparent in our efforts and then some just quietly struggling behind masks which admittedly we also put on our selves sometimes. But the effort is the same.... brave.

Here in my place and out on the main road one could easily be eaten up by the busyness of life carried out by every two-legged creature moving from one place to the other and back. And then back again. On one side of the street stands the Jeep terminal where a Jeep barker reigns supreme with his voice calling out to would-be passengers to take this ride down to wherever it’s heading for. Mang Amboy stands tall in spite of his thin wrinkled aged frame and always with a friendly smile every time my family and I pass by or take that ride. Just like every friendly face you see in the neighborhood.

Does my story stop there? No.

I like looking into people’s eyes. Be they near me or far, and why I love the malls. It’s the perfect landscape for studying eyes. Nope, it’s not for or on a scientific or medical point of view. I’m neither of that. It’s from the standpoint of the eyes being the windows of the soul.

Behavior or speech tell little of things which truly matter or would make serious sense. When I want to better know a person I look into his or her eyes -- the so-called windows of the soul. Because truly behavior or speech tell little of which the eyes can tell more ... so much more. The eyes can never mask what is felt in the depths of one's heart. Eyes do not lie. The eyes tell the truth.

Mang Amboy’s eyes belie the smile on his face.

But brave definitely he is. His future may be dim, his problems plenty and challenges mountain-high, his family perhaps dysfunctional, and maybe he has health issues, too, on the side. Yet he carries on day after day after day. Because that is what he knows best --- to carry on even with these burdens on his frail back. 

Does that remind you of somebody you know or.....maybe yourself?

If that isn’t brave, what is??
Life is tough but people tougher.
God bless you!


  1. Generally speaking, mankind has been conditioned over time to wear a pseudo facade belying what lies within. It all comes down to "what will the others think of me", so pretend to be what you're expected to be. I think being brave is when you can rid yourself of this pretentious garb and just be yourself!

    1. Yes, I can see that, too, RGB. We humans do that all the time, don't we?

      Hiding one's pain while working through challenges is a tough act. Whatever others may perhaps call it, I would still admire such courage in any situation it is found. Mang Amboy the neighborhood jeep barker is just one. I have seen many more like him through the years. Fact is, one maybe in our own families but we didn't know. The brave face of life.

      Thank you for taking time to drop by and for sharing your thoughts. Blessings to you and your family.


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