Monday, September 15, 2014


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Here's a short story sent me by Mr. Quote Man this morning  (Thank you, Mr. QM) ... and to quote --


A bear was walking across Rainbow Bridge (Old Hwy 40) at California 's Donner Summit, when two cars also crossing the bridge scared the bear into jumping over the edge of the bridge. Somehow the bear caught the ledge (see Photo 1) and pulled itself to safety.

Authorities decided that nothing could be done to help that night so they returned the next morning to find the bear sound asleep on the ledge. (Photo 2)

After securing a net under the bridge the bear was tranquilized, (Photo 3) fell into the net, and lowered, (Photo 4 and 5)  ..... then woke up and walked out of the net. (Photo 6)

This bear made a wrong move and found he was hanging by his nails. Somehow, he was able to pull himself up onto the ledge, where he saw he was in a very bad, impossible situation, so, what did he do? Yep, he took a nap and sure enough, the situation took care of itself while he was asleep.

The moral of this true story: --- When confronted with a bad situation, sometimes, the best solution is to --- take a nap!                                     -End of story-

In life, as I have learned it, problems are aplenty yes but some of that may not even need your solutions. Sometimes all that is needed is just to let go and let it. Because as God works in strange ways maybe the problem is not for your direct learning but for somebody else in your circle. That is why you should always try to connect with your God and ask for enlightenment. Ask that he open your eyes, mind, and heart to what His objective is for that particular problem you're faced with. Because maybe it is there to be used as a tool to help others with. You see, nothing is impossible with God. He uses everything both good and bad to work out the better good, yours or somebody else's or some helpless four-legged creature.

Imagine how the bear in the above story unknowingly did his part in the divine order of things to help bring out the goodness of man (his rescuers).

Sometimes you just gotta see things through the eyes of God.

We are here on this planet not just to be you and me but to do a lot of practice in becoming children of God.

Let's practice some more today. God sees and is mighty pleased. Have a blessed day, everyone! God bless you!


  1. Why sometimes?We should try to see through the eyes of God always.
    Very nicely written

    1. 'Sometimes' sometimes is used as a figure of speech. The indirect message is 'always'.

      Great to see you, KP. Always have been looking forward to your presence in the blog. Your shared wisdom is appreciated. Wish you blessings!


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