Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Hi to a rainy morning! I wonder .. what is one supposed to do with a day like today? Well, I do have a couple of things up my sleeve but let's get the writing out first. I'm doing this for a dear old friend.

Life, as we know it, is tough yet sadly and disconcertingly too is the fact that some individuals have it so much tougher than the rest. My friend is just that person.Though she may not lack in sympathy and compassion as close friends try help ease the burden or burdens, still undeniably she must rely on her own puny human strength to sort things out herself.

She's a prayerful person. But let's admit it that on some days everything comes as a huge rock over your head seemingly like the proverbial 'sword of Damocles'. And become stunned... numbed.... frozen.... in that one particular scary moment.

Allow me, my friend, to point you to this one big small thought........... to quote


"Never feel overwhelmed. You are small but I am big! You are weak but I am strong. The strength of a 'Daddy', a dear loving Daddy, is yours, My child. Yes, I am not just Father -- I am Daddy. People do not understand this because they have not the child-heart that I long for them to have. But My people, great and small, young and old -- they all need a daddy to run to. A lap to climb onto to, a shoulder to cry on, a chest to burrow into. Is this not the only comfort, the only answer when life gets tough? Just hide yourself in Me."

(Lines lifted from the book 'Good Morning... God', by Pamela Steinke)


He is a big God! But He leaves His mighty throne and comes to us all with a big hug! How can we lose when a Magnificent God is on our side?

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