Sunday, October 5, 2014


This morning I saw this print out of a piece written by Chris Assaad in July of 2013 laid on top of my books beside the laptop. Apparently my daughter put it there very well knowing that such things I don't want to lose though at times I would forget. Crumpled at the edge but intact had this title -- Remember Who You Are. It's a long piece, so I'll just take you down to the last paragraph which is its essence anyway. Here it is.........

"All is well, my beloved. You are accounted for, and you are being provided for in abundant measure. Breathe deeply and slowly. Return to this moment, and you will see that all that your heart desires is here for you and lives within you. You are one with the Divine, and your prayers are always being heard. Listen and you will hear that they are always being answered beyond your wildest imaginings. Listen and you will hear that you are being guided at every step. Trust in the perfect timing of your life's unfolding. Remember that yesterday and tomorrow are not real. Only this moment is real. In this moment, life is perfect. You are perfect.

Remember who you are"
                                                                                     - Unquote

That says it all, doesn't it? Those who may doubt or perhaps wonder on the meaning of life and everything happening to us, this is your answer. I believe that when we forget who we are in the bigger scheme of things... in the bigger tapestry of the Divine... life becomes quite a huge mess. We get caught in its maelstrom (chaos) and much of it we have only ourselves to blame.

I always go back to that piece every time I feel the rug seemingly pulled from under my feet or when burdens overwhelmingly hover above my head.

Then I am restored... to who I am.... and most importantly to WHO my GOD is!

I am. And so are you. By God's design.

(Thanks to the internet for the lovely pictures.)

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