Wednesday, November 26, 2014



You know, this is so true. Sometimes I forget what a lovely day I'm having...... just because I focus too much on something else. So I keep reminding myself that nothing should be too great nor too grand to ever stop me from appreciating the present moment........  that lovely presence of pulsating life in the here-and-now.

That now moment when you feel the oneness with time. None of the  'I have to do this or that..'  .....or worrying about tomorrows....  or pining for yesterdays already gone. Just being in that now moment of being. Appreciating everything that is there in that experience of ...... life!

Hugs, friends;  I feel so blessed just remembering you.


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    1. Hi there, KP :-) Thanks for your lovely visit... as always. Would like to tell you also that I liked your new post in your blog today. Keep writing your beautiful stories. You are a good storyteller.


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