Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Dad, mom, and two brothers.

This isn't bragging, not at all! Look around you........... your neighbor's mother -- your security guard's mother -- your wash-lady's mother -- the president's mother -- your mother -- your mother's mother -- the parish priest's mother -- even the corrupt official's mother ....  they are all MOTHERS. They give parenting their very best in ways they each know how. Maybe it's not popular nor the standard but they just give motherhood their darn best!! Their darn best! It's what they know. If they succeed, great is the award awaiting them in heaven. If they fail, there's always a bigger story behind that.

How their child or children will come out is beyond knowing. Because what the child becomes when he or she grows up ---- is that child's choice. Life is always about choices. Don't blame it on your mother, father, family, spouse, circumstances, or God ---- life is what you make of it. Life can be either good or bad..... according to You!

Love your mother... love your dad... love your parents. Love them for doing their job as stewards of you as commissioned by God. Whether they do their job well or bungle their job is not your judgement to make --- that is God's area of expertise.

I have missed my mom for centuries now; still do. God took her home just when I needed her most close to me. So I was left to weather life's storms as an orphan. True that it would have been easier with them by my side. Have shed buckets of tears missing her so. Her absence broke my heart. But God had his plans.

This I will say.....  Mom was my hero. She was, is, and always will be God's perfect gift to me. Always will be as she guides me from above.


  1. Hello Ellen, lovely family photo. Very precious.

    Mothers are guardian angels appointed by God when we are here on earth. Their love will remain the same whether the child is successful or not. They will stand by their children whether they are right or wrong. They will make huge sacrifices for their children This kind of love cannot be explained and is difficult to understand. Mothers love is unparallelled. Best wishes

    1. Hi Joseph! You have said it beautifully.

      Thank you for dropping by. So nice to see you again; glad that you are back blogging. I saw your latest post -- and loved the pictures you posted.

      Wishing for you tons of blessings from above.


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