Friday, December 12, 2014


So what's on my mind today?

Oh but plenty! On top of that list is missing my family.... mom, dad, Jesse, Doddy. Centuries gone by spending Christmases without them. It sure can get down to your bones missing them so much. Talab sa buto-buto yan! You would probably think that I should be used to it by now, after all it's already been years. But no! It can be pretty lonely on some days.

So what I'm saying is....... love your family.... love your parents..... love your siblings. Treasure them with every moment that comes to you. Don't think that they will live forever-lives for you. Life isn't that way at all. Don't take them for granted. Maybe some days you wished they didn't exist... because their preferences for you ran opposite to yours. That ain't new; it is the most talked about - written about - and experienced part of that famous bond since time-knows-when. Children will never understand them in every generation passing but, believe it or not, they always understand their children.

It's simple why and how ---- love rules in their parenting skills. Whatever their ways, it's always about love. They love their children according to what they know. Although they may be misunderstood at times being such imperfect creatures just like the rest of us but they fiercely desire only the best for their children -- over and above all things. 

Never mind those so called exceptions-to-the-rule because that's just what they are.. exceptions. Exceptions live side-by-side with the norm. And there's always a story behind every exception. In the same way that there are dozens of stories behind the norm or usual.

Look at your parents.... see them for what they are ---- loving you with their heart... loving you with their life. Just like St. Joseph and the Blessed Mary loved their Blessed Infant Jesus .... forever love.

That's the best gift you can get for Christmas --- the best for everyday of your life. They are God's gift to us. But I guess you already know that by now. 

May God bless you, your parents, your families.... your Christmas.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, my dear dearest friends in the blog!


  1. Hello Ellen, greetings and good wishes.

    Very touching post. When parents are alive we don't value them but after they are gone we regret for many things which we did or did not do for them. You also find many old age homes where old parents are kept because children have no times for them. This is modern life without heart.

    Merry Xmas to you and your family. I am sure you would have decorated your house with stars, Christmas tree and colorful lights.

    1. This piece rose from a nostalgic moment standing by my window looking out to an empty street remembering my parents. They were and are my true treasures in life. They now live in my heart.

      MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family, my dear friend. Oh the focal point of our Christmas decorations is and always has been the Christmas tree and the holy manger. You know what, wish that we both could be near and share our Christmas celebrations up close with our families in blissful joy.

      Thanks for coming by, Joseph, and for your insights on the piece. Blessings to you.

  2. The Christmas spirit is already on with illuminations all around and one can feel the joy in the air.It is a great blessing to have loving children.

    1. So true, KP. Nice to see you; thanks for dropping by. Blessings to you and your family.


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