Sunday, March 29, 2015


March 29, 2015 - PALM SUNDAY
Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, according to Christian belief. It marks the beginning of Holy Week and always falls on the Sunday before Easter Sunday. (Unquote)
Some of my friends say this about its significance in our lives seeing it through their own eyes of understanding i.e. it gets better first before it gets worse... joy always comes with pain... the alternating good and bad, etc.
If you look at those lines and then look hard into your life, you could say that it's true... negatively true. In some of our life experiences we do get to have a taste of the unsinkable duo -- joy and pain. Then too we ride high on good times and in the next beat of the heart plunge down to the bottom as misfortunes assail us unexpectedly and mercilessly. Just like the highs and the lows of a roller coaster ride. Yup, that's life.
But it doesn't end there. My friends' interpretation of the significance of Palm Sunday is a half-picture view of the full glory of Jesus' final walk on earth. They could only see the pain and misery of His journey and the sad end on the cross. What they may have missed is that the story continues and ends in full glory. Glory......... magnificence! That magnificence is in Jesus' finishing his job of winning our salvation and winning his rightful seat at the right hand of the Father.
We're free... sinless! Until our free will (both a blessing and a bane) pulls it down to erratically sin-no sin conditions on this planet. Now....... it's our turn to fight our battles to get back our old glory. A battle being fought everyday... nonstop.
So I guess the story of Palm Sunday tells us that there is victory over our struggles in life. Small victories or big ones.... victories coming in-between the beginning and the end of our own stories... or victories waiting at the end of our journey.
Victory. Hope. Faith.
A blessed Palm Sunday to everyone!
God bless you.


  1. Today is Palm Sunday,I think
    May this Holy day bring you and your family Happiness and the warmth of the season

    1. My family and I thank you, KP. I pray for bountiful blessings pouring out upon you and your family all your lives. God bless you.


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