Monday, May 25, 2015



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Brave is what humans do. Brave for a diverse dozen or more reasons.... visible and invisible. The visible ones we can easily understand -- it's all around us.... broken relationships, single parents, widows, orphaned children, army wives with spouses away in battle on the other side of the globe, abandoned elderly, losing jobs, not making it on the list of graduates, a father holding on to two jobs to send his children to college, losing fortunes, illness, death, etc.
The invisible ones are just as many, perhaps even more. A choice many of us choose to hide from the world --- the burden or suffering of an illness, the quiet hurt or pain of betrayal, the hidden tears and grief over something lost, the deep fear or disappointment or frustration over things beyond control, the pain of a mother seeing her child's life go wrong, the heartache of a girl prevented from marrying the man she loves, desired answers to prayers taking too long in coming, and those other things we feel be kept away from prying eyes.
Oh both lists can be quite long. Where there are trials in a life, bravery can't be very far behind.
A friend once commented as she scrolled down her list of friends.... 'Buti pang mga ito ..Ganda ng mga ngiti noh? Mukhang walang mga problema.' ------ (Look at them smile.. like not a care in the world ever existed!)
I looked at the faces she was pointing at... I don't know them; oh maybe some will be my friends one day but I know those smiles. Smiles of people -- brave people -- living brave lives. How do I know that? Because everybody has a story... is a story... and where there is a story you'll find bravery in it. Brave is what humans do.
Blessings, everyone!! It's just there... open your eyes and hearts.


  1. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Very inspiring post. Rich man and the poor man have their own problems and every one is fighting their battles to survive and live on. All are brave and courageous because we have only one life and we would like live for as long as possible.

    Best wishes

    1. Joseph! What a huge delight to be seeing you now. :-) My blog is richer each time you come by for your sharing of wisdom and insights. Thank you! Blessings to you and your family, my good friend!


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