Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Whenever I hear these words from someone... anyone... something inside of me gets riled up by such a remark.....
'Buti ka pa maganda ang tagbo ng buhay mo; alang problema. Ako isang katutak ang dinadala.' -- 'You're having a good life going for you -- no problems at all. I got tons on my shoulder.'
Oh yes, before Mom knocked some sense into me I admit using those same crazy lines with my close friends who were seen enjoying their perceived share of life's good pie ...and eating it with gusto! I moaned.. bewailed.. anguished about my sorry lot as compared to theirs. Mom then would bonk me on the forehead and say...
'Baliw! Sa tingin mo hindi sila dumaan sa mga pagsubok?' -- 'Silly! And you think they didn't go through their own struggles too?'
She taught me what she knew about life... and I learned about it too firsthand when the time came that it was my turn to journey down the same road.
Pardon me but I must be honest. It makes me seethe in anger albeit silently. Because I cannot truly understand why anyone should envy those who they perceive to be enjoying a good life or perceive to be problem-free. Problem-free is farthest from the truth.
Allow me my thoughts.....
I have learned that life is not a bed of roses... never... no matter who you are-where you are-what you are. Nothing is ever handed to you on a silver platter. Even to those who were born rich will come times when difficult decisions or choices will need to be made in hoping to define a desired future. Believe me, making such decisions will surely knock your brains out and weary your hearts.. unless if you're made of steel. But who amongst us is made of steel?!!
Struggles, trials, tests, difficulties, challenges or whatever else people may call it are the regulars on life's menu list. But unlike in a food restaurant you can't get to pick your favorites. Life, the chef, disregards personal likes or dislikes or preferences. Instead it has set down an array of dishes which it believes you will need. So the bottom line is it's what you need and not what you want that you'll get. The objective which we now get to understand is seemingly your growth and development. This then, I believe, is the true leveler of men. We are all asked to grow. That, too, is by God's design.


  1. No individual is problem free.Highs and lows alternate.A touching faith in Providence and a passion to struggle on with ones goals are what is required.
    A nice post.

    1. Weird.. where did my reply go?? ....

      Well, I thank you for your visit and for sharing your wisdom on the subject. Your presence in the blog is so appreciated.

      Have a great day.. with blessings from on high.


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