Friday, January 20, 2017


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Started early today with my morning walk. When I looked up to the sky, I saw that it was the least inviting... overcast, cloudy, a bit moody and all that. But I had to have my walk, so thus commanded my feet to get moving quick! Not a very long walk this time though because I was a bit worried that it might suddenly rain and certainly wouldn't want to get caught in that. 

The neighborhood looked the same.. but who knows really! Much is happening in Mother Nature's wonderful world by the minute-by the hour. Birth.. growth... and decline. So much like the human world and existence, too. Not many familiar faces out on the streets now. I guess the weather has something to do with that.

So finally got back to my house, but before I could take off my walking gear.... a strong wind blew, rattled the treetops, hinawi ang mga ulap, and out came the sun!! Shining brightly! Oh yeah, Mother Nature knows how to play jokes, too, doesn't she!? This one she played on me! 

Well, I missed out on my morning sun... but I got my morning walk still. Beautiful pleasant day to start with! Despite the initial bump to it.

There's a balance of good and bad in life. Certainly we get affected by that. Delighted are we when in the midst of misery suddenly some piece of glad tidings glide in. On the other hand, it crushes us when our happiness gets its shower of bad news unexpectedly.

An old friend said this long ago..... "When that happens, you only have to ride the wind... go with the flow... because it will pass. Both the good and the bad. In whatever degree it will affect you it will pass. Still."

I guess that was what Mother Nature was trying to say to me this morning. But I also know this --- that even on a cloudy day the blue sky is still there. Right, Mother Nature? Lesson learned.... and thanks!

P.S. Just now I looked out my window...... and a gorgeous lovely blue sky I see! 


  1. I too go for walk when sky is overcast only for a short period before the sky clears and the gorgeous sun comes out in all its splendour. But I never noticed them till you pointed out the vagaries of nature and the message they deliver us.I think it requires a poetic and aesthetic mind to observe them minutely!

    1. I try to open my mind, heart, and soul to the world around me --- in the grand tapestry of things or in the minute details of existence. That way I can write about things better in truth as close as it can be. And it's more fun that way. :-)

      Thanks for your lovely visit and comment, KP.
      May God bless you and your family.


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