Friday, January 13, 2017


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Last night my youngest daughter nudged me to go out to the patio, sit there and savor my warm cup of chamomile tea, enjoy the early evening with my dog Maxie. So I pulled out the monobloc (that's what we call a two-sitter plastic chair), placed a sheet over it and ordered Maxie to get on it with an 'Up, girl!'.... and she did. Then we sat side by side on the monobloc with Maxie sending out an audible sigh of contentment as she settled in. This chair has been with us for years now, old and worn, but still in one piece doing its job well in providing us and our pet dogs rest and comfort. Has undergone a repaint job before but now looks like it needs another one and soon. Sometimes old things are a comfort to keep.
A slight evening breeze blew... so refreshing to the senses. Looked up to the evening skies and saw a solitary star shining brightly. I guess the others would be coming out soon. Just one star but it was enough to make me smile. Similarly, imagine what a single good thought or deed can do to someone, near or far.
Another year is unfolding in our lives. Should we be counting years? Again? Nope, not anymore. Yes, we used to do that with our old selves. I think we have gained wisdom through the years to learn to shed all that. Change.
This time we will be doing it differently. We will be counting moments. Precious moments which take our breath away.
Like last night.

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