Friday, March 10, 2017


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I was sitting by myself with green tea frappe (but of course!) just watching people walk in and out of Starbucks (again but of course!). Why alone? Well, my daughter was running errands inside the mall. Now as I have told you before when in the midst of people I always turn-on my radar. The reason? People make for an interesting subject anytime anyplace. Perfect feed for the writing.

Not far from my table near the wall sat two friends engaged in serious conversation. Looking like in their early thirties and holding corporate jobs (their clothes tell me that). Of course accompanied by the usual laptop and cellphone. Funny thing is they spoke in voices loud enough for everybody to hear. I looked around but good thing though that the coffee bar wasn't that full yet with just four tables occupied. 

So couldn't be helped if snippets of their conversation trailed to my table and which immediately my dependable radar picked up (as expected heheh...).
Friend #1:    Ginawa ko na ang lahat pero mukhang walang nangyayari. (I did everything I could but nothing seems to be happening)
Friend #2:    Cool ka lang! Mararating mo din ang mga pangarap mo balang araw. Tiyaga lang, pards. (Cool it! You'll get your dreams yet one day. Patience.)
Friend #1:    Kelan pa!? Inip na 'ko! (But when? I'm getting impatient)
I turned off my radar at that point. No sense in leaving it on. That seemed to be the gist of their conversation anyway.

That person is just like anybody else anywhere in the world aiming for a dream or reaching for a star. Putting in blood-sweat-and=tears into the effort, into each day, into the fight.. A cliche would be apt for this....... 'crossing the highest mountains, sailing the seven seas, braving the fiercest storms' and what other hurdles or obstacles may face him at every corner or bend. The going gets tough and long and tedious but then sometimes it would seem like getting nowhere with it at all; like time drags. Just like friend#1 must have felt.

I can understand that. My younger brother had a dream but the dream died with him. At some point I think he too got frustrated by the slowness of things. I have mine and I don't know where the journey is taking me or what roads I would be traveling but its beautiful flame persists to glimmer. I am glad that it does. But of course I too sometimes wonder.

I know there are many others out there like me. Yup, been there-done that.
Here's something to say to yourself when the temptation to give up creeps in............... keep punching, keep hammering, keep moving, keep believing, keep dreaming. Image the dream in your mind, feel the thrill and excitement in your heart, and look up to the heavens and say...... "Thank you for this dream!" And you know what else ----- HE just might say "Hmmm... I think I'm going to let her (him) have it!" with a hugely divine smile. That's awesome!!
God loves you more than you'll ever know. God bless you.
Have a wonderfully blessed day, friends.


  1. You make the dreaming part even if it takes eternity to realize an interesting effort.By the way the radar you talk about seems an euphemism for eavesdropping!!

    1. Aaaahhhh but my friend, 'eavesdropping' is basically 'malicious intent'. 'Radar' is a writer's tool to gather insights about humanity and stuff. These in turn feed the writing. There's a load of big difference there.

      Writers are always on the alert to write. They breathe-in writing morning, noon, and night. And their surroundings --- things, people, events, experiences, beliefs and perceptions forwarded by people, etc. --- feed that need beautifully and so naturally.

      A person isn't big enough to hold all the info the world contains nor that which life provides. It will take him a thousand lifetimes or more to be that.

      Thanks for dropping by. Have a great day.

    2. I was just joking!Please do not take me amiss.If people talk loud enough we are not expected to shut our ears.I am also like you observing,hearing and watching the scenes around me for a possible plot.

    3. But of course I know you when you're joking :-).... and I know you and your 'possible plots' too. The reason for your interesting posts in your blog. Heyy thanks for dropping by. Chat soon, I hope? God bless you and your family.


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