Monday, July 10, 2017



Good morning, world!

Well, I woke up about seven this morning and looked out the window and saw Mr. Sun being blocked by heavy gray clouds from shining its best; it still isn't too hot for a walk and I thought 'hey, I could still get my morning walk!'. So I hastily dressed into my walking gear and just as hastily sped out the door. Because gray clouds mean some rain, right? So got to hurry before it does finally pour.

But out on the street I made myself slow down because it was just a lovely morning to start with, threat of rain notwithstanding. Slight breeze, soft sun with its rays peeping behind the clouds whenever it could and bouncing off the trees and plants, and flowers blooming seemingly enjoying a respite from the harsh heat of a regular hot day. Yeah, we have the gray clouds to thank for this time. ('Took pictures of those flowers; couldn't help it cos they were simply gorgeous!)

Back in the house I got into the routine of the morning... sweeping the floor (I sure got a good mound of dog hair and cat hair: that's what you get with pets in the house), dusting the furniture, putting things in order, after which settling down for the day's news on TV. No, I don't stick to one station, local or foreign. Each has his own good and bad in delivering the news.

With the news over I turned to other stations and found this one playing my favorite movie "Patch Adams" starring Robin Williams playing the role of one studying to be a doctor. It's a good movie, good script. In fact, I remember these outstanding lines from the movie.......

"Patients don't need a friend; they need a doctor."
"When a doctor gets emotionally involved with a patient, what's wrong with that?!"

"Let us fight the most terrible disease of all..... indifference!"

"We're all dying, our job is to increase health."
But one line which stood out above the rest was this......

Why? Because, I think, practically everything which comes to us good or bad has 'potential' built in it. I don't know but somebody up there when He created us probably thought that we would be needing it in our journey down life's road. 

Potential, as the dictionary defines it, is: possibilities - prospects - promise - unrealized abilities or capacity for future success.

That's a good thing, isn't it?

It's a good thing when life's bad does not stay bad, right?. That can mean life's situations, circumstances, fortune or misfortune, tough luck, and that also includes people who-may-not-be-your-kind-of-people -- may somehow turn into something better which probably might surprise even yourself!

That can happen. But ......that also would depend on you.

Right, because potential, in yourself or in others, happens when you want it to happen. It won't if you won't let it. You, therefore, can become the hand that would bring about this desired change. The choice is yours.

Remember, potentials do not define us. Not really. How we respond to it.. does!

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