Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Good morning, world! :-)
A quote I have always loved and I am sure that you will, too, is this.......

"My mother knew a distinction between achievement and success. She said that -- "Achievement is the knowledge that you have studied and worked hard and done the best in you. Success is being praised by others, and that's nice, too, but not as important or satisfying. Always aim for achievement and forget about success." --------- Helen Hayes


And yet success, more often than not, is what we aim for. Success by what the world teaches us. That success the world holds up as its standard. That which is accompanied by applause, trophies, title and recognition; that one which brings you to the center of the stage with the spotlight on you and you feeling so pleased with yourself. But that's nice too. I don't mind seeing myself up there on that stage..... Being there in that fantastic moment savoring the sweet feel of applause!

But wait......

Because I remember mom tell me long ago that success for the most part is a feeling from within rather than it is from without. It's what you experience or feel in your core and does not necessarily depend on what transpires externally on a grand or grander scale. I think what she meant was it does not matter if the task be minute or colossal but if you gave it your best shot, did your best with it, you are just as successful as the person who invented the light bulb. That would be, by the best standards in point of value, a huge success. That in any language is quite an achievement ---- being your best you!

Well, all that considered, we can call ourselves achievers every day! Right? Because every day as we get on with our respective lives we give it everything we've got. Giving everything to life with what we are and with what we are allowed to have. We study hard, work hard, think hard, honest in our hearts, tumble and fall with bad breaks and yet rise up again much stronger everytime.

I have achieved much in my life, too. Just like everybody else. Maybe it won't hug the headlines but in my tiny corner of the world the spotlight's on me. And the applause I hear I think is the applause of a happy God who I believe is mighty pleased with it. After all as I understand it, God does not require extraordinary things only from extraordinary people ......... but rather that ordinary puny people (like us) do mundane tasks (which sometimes admittedly can be quite so boring and bland) extraordinarily well with who they are and what they have. 

Because honestly.....

It’s not the little or much but rather the honest sincere heart that brings it to the table which pleases a mighty God. 

Blessings, everyone. Give the day and life and God your best shot. Have a great day

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