Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Image may contain: plant and flower 
- Saw this in a flower shop... it stood out from all the rest. In spite of the others ablaze in brilliant colors, this stood out in its awesome simplicity.🌷

Sometimes it's the same with people. While others huff-and-puff so hard to make an impression, someone just shines thru as it stands confident and sure in its own true worth...and yet humbly so.

You matter. Maybe quite flawed and imperfect a
s the rest of the world or humanity is... but you matter. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Don't let people bully you into thinking you're not enough. Of course, you have your own personal glitches in character and personality, so what? So does everybody else. They who think they're perfect and have it all is and are just a tiny box in this huge tapestry of life and living. They're there for a reason, too, which Somebody up there alone knows.

Meantime, be that wonderful person God created. Fill up your space with beauty... love... joy... positivity. Use this to connect with equally wonderful people around you and to the bigger world outside.

Shine with your light. While you're at it, help make the world - our world - a better place

God bless you

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