Thursday, November 5, 2020




What I felt back then when I wrote this.... and still feel now at this moment😊 Nothing is perfect but life..... is a perfect gift from God. 

--- From two years ago.... 

 🌿Thoughts running through my mind one afternoon watching pretty blue skies turn into gray. Yup, might rain later. Here's what.... 

🌿There's no escaping growing older. We can't turn back time. Yet....It's how we see 'aging' which truly defines us. In fact, it's not what we see but how we see life in all its diversity and color which truly defines us. And that can be at any age. Though nobody says it's easy. 

 🌿Thankfully I can humbly and honestly say that God kept me quite busy with life and living that it didn't give me enough time to even contemplate the idea of 'growing older''. And before I knew it I was already at the threshold of 50. :-) and now I'm seventy. But am thinking. 

 🌿Maybe that's the secret (if there ever was one).... keeping busy. Or rather that it be said this way..... savor life as it comes to you day by day. Relish it.. treasure it! Run yourself through the whole gamut of feelings, moments, emotions, experiences, mishaps, achievements. 

 🌿All these authentically put together, as we know it, create this wonderful package called human being. Being human means a lot of things, both the good and the bad. Yet..... 

 🌿Enjoy the good. Learn from the bad. Make friends with life. Accept that it is not perfect; it never is and never will be no matter what you do. Grow with it toward your highest potential. That can be difficult at times but try just the same. Which, incidentally, is by God's design. 

🌿And last but not least, after all is said and done.. or lived, know also that life is not all about you. It never is. Although sometimes it makes you feel that it is. Know that life .... It's all about God's love for you! . 

🌿My own journey is not over yet. Until it is over. Meantime, me and life; we get on. I've made a lot of mistakes... small ones, big ones. So what?! Everybody has his or her share. No excuses. But I've gathered some trophies, too, like everybody does in his own. We have a good thing going... Life and me --- we love each other. Though sometimes we fight and I often say how much I hate it.. abhor it.. despise it. But we will always be the best of friends 


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