Thursday, January 31, 2008


Second of a short series.

Yes, it is such a lovely day... and with lovely days come thoughts that soar up into the yonder blue skies.

That's funny but these things I write used to be contained only in a journal taken out from under my pillow when the mood for writing sets in. It served a purpose..yes.. but a very selfish one - just for I, Me, and Mine. Whatever insights, perceptions, observations, enlightenment, or knowledge gained benefited only myself. But of course it did its job of helping me journey to understanding. And that is good. Yet something still felt not right.

Then I found out why...

All that you have gained in learning for yourself isn't worth a penny if it stops with you. Because wisdom gained isn't wisdom given simply for storing or hoarding -- or for personal consumption only. That does not serve God's purpose at all. So when you have dutifully and diligently learned the lessons contained in every experience coming your way ... then it is now time for that wisdom to move on and out to somebody else where it can also touch a life or lives and serve it just as well as it had served yours.

Maybe that is the reason for this blog... for this manner of writing or thinking out loud for all to see. This is a way of saying--- 'Come and share the fruits of my learning journey too. Pluck out those which you think can serve you best, I don't mind, if you will be led to some learning as I have... because Life is truly a never ending search for 'learning - unlearning - relearning'. It just never stops.'

We each are both teacher-and-student to one another at different points in our life. I learn from you, you learn from me, we learn from others, they learn from us. We travel the same road to learning and new learning although at different paces from one and the other. Sometimes at some point in that journey our paths may cross or merge thereby making the lessons even more meaningful and profound. That is great. And an added bonus is that wonderful friendships born from it.

Okay, today isn't over yet.
More thoughts later in the day.
Bye for a bit!

Back! Evening now and it's quiet outside. The full moon has come and gone. I missed seeing it. I don't know ...was busy with something. Wish that I did though. A gorgeous full moon is always worth a look-and-see.

Funny though but we miss a lot of good things like that in life. Nobody is to blame for it, more our fault than anything else. We tie ourselves down with a lot of distractions, issues, woes, cares, projects, and the most convenient excuse ever created by man called 'work'. We work like our whole lives depended on it. Don't you think that's taking it a bit overboard? We need to work but of course. .. to pay the monthly bills, tuition, buy clothes - medicines, pay the rent.. etc. But when in doing all those we tend to forget and neglect the other areas of our lives, then something is wrong somewhere there. If and when work comes to that point that it tends to overshadow our relationships, our connection with nature, our faith and link with God, and stunts our growth in the finer things in life called -- joy, fun, laughter, creativity, talent, family.. then it has succeeded to reduce us to a mere work machine.

You like that? I don't. When I was then part of the corporate world some 3 or 4 years ago, my guiding principle was family, nature, God... not necessarily in that order. They always were (and still are) the focal point of my existence. Work wasn't. But don't get me all wrong, I always gave my job my best shot having been blessed by God with talent for that purpose. (we all have God-given talents; believe it.) But it certainly wasn't my whole world and life. Work isn't life nor living; work is only a part of it - only one of many other parts of a man's whole existence.

So why rework the whole setup - the blueprint of our existence. God created life and man to be multi-faceted. Big J himself apart from working very hard went fishing with friends, came to party, and even slept in the boat (exhausted by the day's work probably; nothing wrong with that) while a storm was brewing. And he rested on a certain day apart from the rest of the week. And remember when he chided Martha for complaining that Mary left her to work alone in the kitchen while the latter sat down listening to Big J's conversation? Martha was missing the best part -- that of spiritual growth. What a big loss that was! Big J had to scold her to make her see.

Missing that gorgeous full moon got me back to my senses. It's not going to happen again. I love full moons, starry skies, sunsets, roses, blue summer skies, morning dewdrops, bonding time with my daughters, friends, having my nails done at the parlor, morning walks, ice cream cones, frisky pet dogs, lazy persian cat, and the conversations with God. Not the book, this one's real. lols

I've retired from work but I still appreciate work for what it is. There's much work in the upkeep of a home, you'll be surprised to know lols.

Remember, work should be your slave. Reign it in lest it rise up to be your master.

Okay, got to go now, the night's getting late.
See you in the next 'ish.

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