Wednesday, January 16, 2008


"There are no classes in life for beginners: right away you are always asked to deal with what is most difficult." -Rainer Maria Rilke

How I wish that we could choose our burdens. That’s wishful thinking I know, right, because it certainly isn’t so in real life. But if I were given the choice, I would ask the lighter and easy ones be given me first then bit by bit graduate to the hardest ones or most difficult. That way I would have grown or gained the necessary experience, strength, courage, expertise, understanding and wisdom to deal with the toughest ones when it comes.

Unfortunately that’s not the way the cookie crumbles. What happens is --without any fuss or ado the most difficult unmercifully hits you like a fierce bolt of lightning. And you stand there burned, seared and possibly blown up to bits and pieces with your guts scattered all over the floor. You won’t know what hit you ‘till you start shaking and this comes much later. Am I exaggerating? I must be lols… but neither do I want to see my brains spilled out on the floor like that. :-)

Ugly but alas that’s how it is. Nobody is ever prepared when the worst times come. Nor can anyone say to it… ‘Hey!, Come back another day, when I’m ready for you.’ You won’t have that precious time you may need to store up ammo sufficient to shoot it down to oblivion. No, you won’t get that… not today, tonight, nor tomorrow.

So what therefore does one do with that?

Just this...Deal with it right away. No if’s and but’s, you simply just dig in with everything you’ve got with a prayer that you’re doing it right. The problem is there, the lesson is there, the facts are there… except for the solution… and that’s what you’re hammering at with all of your might.

Don’t waste time wailing bout your sorry plight or state of affairs or lack of support. Some other guy must be having a much worse deal than yours, but I’m sure that he’s digging-in hard too just like you. And just like you, he is dealing with it right away and pursuing it with concerted effort and diligence. Way to go!

That’s what it’s all about, no special treatment but that you are asked to deal with what is most difficult now. No other way to go about it, but ‘just do it!’ That’s the Nike way and it does make sense.


  1. quite right Ellen!
    fighting it out, every battle imposed on...
    giving ur best in worst situation, is the most satisfying experience...
    awesome! inspiring post!

  2. Hi! I'm here by way of Regina and wanting to send some TLC through my reply.

    Just do it! Yes, often life gives us hard punches in unexpected proportions, but we dig in and move through. The process of healing is not as instant as we would like. Yet, as we progress from stage to stage, we can look over our shoulder every now and again to see how far we’ve really come. Keep the faith and give God your every sorrow, question, and even your angry words. He understands more than you know.


  3. Trust you to encourage me in my work, Amit. :-) Thank you, my friend. Regards to the family. God bless you all with joy and peace.

  4. Hello Rosemarie,

    This is such a pleasant surprise and I'm delighted to see you here.

    Your words etched its way to my heart. So true that God understands so well every emotion that goes through a person's mind and heart...every question, confusion, doubt, and fear.

    Thank you so much for your lovely message -- God-sent indeed.

    Do drop by whenever you're free -- the pleasure would always be mine. God bless you and your family with everything good for a blessed life.

  5. Is there any way I can reach you, Rosemarie? Do you have a blogspot account.. or one in another site? I would like to visit you there too. :-)

  6. Hi Ellen,
    I have been doing my favorite blogs of the week, and I have your's as my favorite this week. Your strength is amazing.

    Blessings, Regina

    By the way, Rosemarie's blog is:

  7. Dear Regina,

    You are simply amazing! That concept is so worthy of a kind heart and gentle soul as yours. I believe that your heart's eyes saw the need for comfort residing in my heart... and God sent you to blaze the way for His grace and comforting love to reach it. How blest you are, my friend, for being the willing servant to God's will and purpose. And I smile with the thought that as you give so generously... so shall you receive. Thus, dear friend, prepare yourself for an avalanche of blessings from a very pleased God. :-)

    Thanks for this lovely honor of being your favorite blog this week. Gosh, I'm thrilled! lols :-)

    Take care always.


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