Friday, January 18, 2008


A new opened door-- now let me see. First, let me sort out the fog in my brain -- I see many closed doors and keys thrown out and which spun through several years. Some of those doors I wished were left open and some of those keys stored for safekeeping …perhaps to be taken out again at a future time desired.. But it couldn’t and wouldn’t. And of course a few of those closed doors and thrown-out keys may well be best kept that way. So then where does all that put me – still with a bunch of closed doors and thrown-out keys!

But we’re talking of happiness here… and not about a whole bunch of closed doors -- Just one door of happiness.

To questions what happiness is to me, I’ll say that Happiness is, among other things, a family – a complete one. And I suppose too to many people it is and when a member is lost or gone, a void stands in his or her stead. The idea of family thus crumbles along with that irreparable loss, one that none can fill. Family isn’t with an empty room devoid of the familiar presence -- now empty chair, empty plate, empty closet, and empty garage. That door of happiness then closes with finality… its key tied to a balloon that’s set free with an earnest prayer that it flies high where an angel will find it and bring it home to His throne. And maybe…

But… something seems to be nudging at my side. Is there something that I am missing? Then let’s walk through this foggy brain of mine.

Life, as I understand it, stops for no one or for anything. Oh I know that but it flew out the window back there when sorrow entered the front door. And it’s also true that it’s a big wide world out there with so much for everyone to explore, appreciate, and too be pleasantly surprised by. Further I have always believed that life won’t hold back on those things which would certainly help a person in his journey to learning, discovery, and wisdom. Isn’t that part of what and why we’re here for?

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens;
but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see
the one which has been opened for us." -Helen Keller

With that thought I’d like to say --- “I’m ready”. I’m seeing the new open door. Yet… a brief moment of hesitation holds me rooted to the ground -- Because facing the unknown can be quite scary. It could lead one to anywhere, up to glory or down to misery. So then one tiny prayer now rises from my wobbly heart--- that God be my friend and companion and together we journey to happiness, peace, and blessing. Already I am grateful to a Magnificent God whose great love for His children, meaning us regardless of color, culture or creed -- is ever constant, unchanging and faithful.

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