Friday, March 28, 2008


"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

Although I’ve heard it (It's by Robert Frost) thousands of times before and lived that experience at numerous times in my life, still those lines stick out like a tree amidst a flat meadow of grass and stones. You just can’t miss it!

Life goes on – mercifully it does.

You know, I’m glad that the sun continues to rise at dawn even if in other parts of my world fortunes are tumbling down or houses are robbed clean. It’s also a great feeling of rain on my face even if my neighbor just lost his precious car to a mortgage and many lives are eaten up by cancer. It makes me smile every time that I see the cherubic face of a newborn child even if people elsewhere are burying a parent, husband, son, relative, or a friend. And I still tend to my tiny garden every morning even if the daily news tells of bombings, shootings, coup de tats, killings, scandals, divorces, floods, pestilence, and drought.

Life goes on – mercifully it does.

You know something else too, I will be sad, angry, unhappy, miserable, frustrated, disappointed, afraid, cheated, betrayed, will suffer, and what else be added to that heap life throws at us… but I will not linger in that sorry state. It might break me and crush me to the ground, or hurt me deep and leave me with scars to show for it – yes it might. But it cannot destroy me or what I stand for to myself. No, because I know that those things don’t stay there forever. But it’s there for a reason. When it has exhausted itself, done its work and is satisfied that I have learned my life lessons well, it will move on and head for another human being another life. It moves on with the same bag of tools because Life is -- a teacher too.

And I will continue to hope, trust, have faith, believe in a constant and merciful God, build dreams anew, pursue destiny, seek new learning, create new passions, conquer new horizons, and maybe learn to reinvent myself too. Who says a person can’t?!

My life will continue to turn even if the rest of the world wrestles with issues and burdens and continues to fight big silly wars. Life goes on – mercifully it does.

And to the rest of you out there going through tough times in your life, acknowledge those pains and trials – cry if you must but only for awhile - Because you will soon discover that precious time waits for no one Oh No! And that life will move on with or without you. So gather yourself and decide --whether to move on along with life or stay behind in the company of your own misery. It’s your choice. But listen, it’s a beautiful world out there and with enough opportunities adventure blessings and joy for everyone, so then why not grab some for YOU? I think that’s what God would rather that you do too.


  1. Morning Ellen:-)))

    How are you....

    You know...just to read sooo beuatiful thots...its really makes my day:-)))

    how beautifully u potraited it:-))))

    simple and too logical:-))

  2. thanks ellen...i dont know y but whenever im down and stressed...i come to your blog and the first blog that i read always seems to console me.....i was readlly sad when i started reading your blog....but now am smiling and all geared up to face the day....a biiiiiiiiig hug >:D< for the lovely words... :) hve a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Chakoli,

    What pleasure to see you here today. Thanks for the lovely message. By the way, I went to your blog just now and saw your post -- that was quite amusing seeing the guy bewildered that way. But I hope that he got to the side of the road safely.

    Thanks for this lovely visit.
    Blessings to you, dear friend.

  4. Hi Deepika/Daring,

    Oh don't let it get you down -- those days are quite common to anyone. After all, one can't be all sunny and bright 24/7. :-) I have my share too you know.

    You're always welcome here, even stay as long as you want. Consider this your second home. If you find comfort and solace in this place, so much better. Rest your weary heart and soul. May the warmth of friendship wrap around I send it to you now. Let peace and joy be yours in great measure.

    Blessings to you, dear Deepika.

  5. As wonderful as always :-)

    Inreterospect could also be named as "Never Give Up, Smile Always"

    Your words must have been magical for many and that too manytimes. I bet.

    Keep Smiling


  6. :-) How you have made me smile. And I needed just that today. Thank you, Jigyasa/Sensitive!

    And I hope indeed it has served in some way to bring smiles to others too, as you say. How I wish there was a way to know that ...and fill my cup of joy to overflowing. :-)

    Dropped by your blog awhile ago. That looks like an interesting Tag game; will try it. Lols hope that I come up with good answers to it. Thanks for the tag.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Hey Ellen,

    How u doing? I been gone for long because of my new job. But now I have a resolution ( no, not the 1028*728 thing!), I will be writing every weekend.

    Loved this post , I guess I would dare to sum it up with this beautiful quote by an anonymous person " What can't kill you only makes you stronger!"

    Keep well

  8. Hi there, Phoenix!

    Delighted to see you here again. Yup, you've been away long, long enough to be missed terribly lols!

    Hey, I went to your blog awhile ago. Liked that new post. What you truly need for now is a good piece to carry you around the city and to work. But if you can't get your 'favorite'.. settle for second best, just temporary. :-) Good luck!

    Thanks for your lovely message.
    Wish you all the best in your new job. God bless you & your family.

  9. Awww smile, Jigyasa!

    Cos it's here now. It took me awhile cos there were some questions which needed some serious thinking. :-) but I got it all sorted out and here they are just for you!

    Ellen :-)


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