Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Most of the beautiful things in my life came via my heart. I feel so lucky and thank God to be so blessed to have seen them through the eyes of my heart. Such a beautiful experience of which such delight and pleasure is unparalleled by anything man can conceive. But funny that some of them were the ordinary taken-for-granted unnoticed sometimes mundane things which most people would simply pass by or ignore. Oh they missed it and so missed the chance to be one with beauty - peace - joy - love in its purest form. What is its purest form, people may ask. I can say a thousand words to describe it but none would be adequate. Maybe I could draw it but it won't do justice either. Or maybe I could sing it but the song would come out flat. And do you know why those tangible expressions won't do? It's because.....

"The most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart."

Magnificent, isn't it? Golden lines from Helen Keller. I admire this strong and courageous lady. She contributed so much to the world, far more than people who have sight and hearing. She knew so much more how to live life than most of us do or pretend to.

I thank Parth and appreciate it that he sent me this quote in a forward mail today.


  1. You can turn through your deft touch a beautiful thought into a sublime essay.

  2. hi ellen,

    firstly soo nice of you for being able to make some fabulus menaings out of the good morning messags..they are lovelyy too

    and this one is soo beautiful as u said..beautifu things must be fet by heart..wahhh..true..;)

    Thanks to partha uncle too..

  3. Hello Parth,

    Thank you for the inspiration your message delivers. :-) May your day today be blessed a hundred times over.

  4. Hello Pram,

    Oh it's always a delight to see you here. Thank you for appreciating the piece. :-) I've gone to your blog and left a message on a previous post. Take care and have a good day!

  5. Hey Ellen!
    I really admire your point of view...you have a knack of finding joy in small things :) I love this post :) Thank You for sharing it with us all :D

  6. Hi Sapphire,

    Wonderful to see you here again! :-) Thanks for this lovely visit and for your message. 'Have gone to your blog and left message there too.

    Take care.God bless you n your family.


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