Sunday, October 18, 2009


Have you seen the movie 'Rent'? It's a Broadway musical turned into a movie. If you haven't yet, then go see it or get the cd. You won't regret it.

"No Day But Today" is just one of the several beautiful songs in it. This one is on my list of all time favorites.

You know why? Because it tells me this...

No day but today...... follow your dream take dance lessons finish that book paint that masterpiece get a sauna with your wife..or husband treat your kids to Disneyland be friendly to your neighbor who hates your red hair write to your congressman about misfits in the government give away your old stuff to people who might have need for it pray - and pray - and pray not just for yourself but for others too believe in yourself - there is only one you forgive and be forgiven sleep under the stars hug your parents and grandparents be kind to your household help be a friend in both good times and bad teach your child how to bike buy yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers write that long overdue letter eat healthy foods and stay with it exercise regularly and stay with it believe in God not wait for a special occasion to give say thank you do a good deed say 'no' when you should say 'yes' when it's good get down from your ivory tower and get down to real life and true living plant a tree -- lots of it love and take care of Mother Earth recycle garbage not throw garbage into rivers and streams clean up your clutter listen to reason and good intentions get a job and not bum around anymore use your college education to better lives... yours and others

There's more, much more. So how about adding to this list? Or create your own in your blog. Let me know 'cos I'd love to visit. Or maybe share here what list you have now. I would be interested to see it and I'm sure our readers would too.


  1. Onething that comes up to my mind immediately is visit Ellen's blog whenever she posts:)
    An almost exhaustive list of very useful points to remember and follow.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Ellen,

    If you do not do today what you have been thinking of then you will never be ready to do it. Clear your clutter not only around you but in mind too.

    Take care

  3. Hi KP!

    Among the other wonderful things which inspire me to write and keep on writing -- is seeing friends and strangers alike reading the piece or pieces in the blog. Even more so when I read your warm appreciative and inspiring messages. It's akin to a warm hug from my children on a busy tiring day. :-) Thanks for being there, KP! God bless.

  4. You're correct, Jack. Have done a post on that topic before. Clutter in the mind is where all other clutter in the world begins.

    Thanks for dropping by. I hope the day is going quite well for you. Wishing you and your family blessings. :-)

  5. hi ellen,

    am late here..:)

    Do u know one thing? u have covered most of the items in my list..:) ..:)..Thanks for posting this..

    No day but to day, i wanna live and love..

  6. Hi Pram,

    Am all for what you've said -- "No day but to day, i wanna live and love.." :-) Great to see you!

  7. hello Ate Ellen,

    i know, i know, looooong time!
    musta na po? pinagdarasal ko po na safe po kayo at lahat-lahat ng mahal po ninyo,at hindi inabot ng baha sa atin, okay naman po ang Kuya ko sa ang mga kaibigan at kamag-anak ko po. salamat ng marami sa Diyos..

    that part "to buy yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers"
    really made me smile,that's one thing that I am so good about my self, i am pretty crazy in love with fresh beautiful flowers, and when i was working there, at kahit po ngayon na married na ako, I still do buy my self a flowers though my husband hates it, kasi magaling naman po sya magbigay ng flowers kahit walang occassions, but i tried to explain to him, its that sense of joy...wala iyon kinalaman sa kanya, if i see a beautiful flowers in store, i can't help but admire it...and all of a sudden feeling kinakausap ako nung flower sayin' "bilhin mo ako, I'll look so pretty sa dining table mo, or even sa bedroom...

    pero po halos LAHAT ng nasa lists, i feel you wrote it with me by your side...and telling you my hopes and para po sa inyo ha, bago ko po makalimutan..."to finish that book"...di po yun

    i super love this.....

  8. Hello Khel/Gratitude,

    Am glad that your brother & his family, your relatives are okay and not hurt by the huge floods. God is good.

    Yung unang message mo dito ay hindi ko na sinali dito sa blog. Instead, saved ko yun sa aking desktop file. It's for the sole purpose of keeping you with me, with or without the internet. :-)

    Atsaka yung para sa ating dalawa lang ay gawin mo sa tagalog. Tayo lang makakaintindi nyan dito sa blog. So kahit na i-post ko (which I love to do with your messages) ay okay lang. Private pa din.

    We're so much the same -- I also don't wait for a special occasion or for someone to give me one.. but wouldn't think twice about buying a lovely bouquet of gorgeous blooms. It brightens up my day in ways unequaled by anyone or anything. And you are right about "...its that sense of joy..." cos it definitely is a joy to behold.

    Ah but we are all so much the same in our hopes and dreams, especially those unspoken in the heart. I too have my own and these are lifted up to the heavens with a bouquet of prayers. Do so with yours and one day you will be surprised when one or two are granted. Because God who sees our hearts knows what we long for -- even before we can ask. Believe in a God who knows how to give. Out of his great love and mercy for us He will give only what is best. That best will wipe away your tears and restore the smile on your pretty face. :-)

    Haayy lols... wala akong kawala nyan. Mukhang di na ko makaka-atras sa project na yan hahah! but you know what -- it feels good to have you and your prayers by my side in this plan. You're keeping me on track lols!! Sana pakinggan tayo ng Diyos na matupad ang pangarap na yan and soon.

    Heyy thanks for taking time to drop by kahit na you risk his umpong again. Means much to me that you're here. Pero ingat lagi hah?

    I'll write the email,
    Take care. May God bless you and your family.



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