Friday, October 23, 2009


A wonderful gentleman and friend Parthasarathi sent me this in email recently -- "Life never seems to be the way we want it, But we have to live it the best way we can. There is no perfect life, But we can always fill it with perfect Moments..." Thanks, Parth. -- Lovely, isn't it? And I particularly loved this line.... 'There is no perfect life, But we can always fill it with perfect Moments...'

That seemed to be my guiding principle when I started in retirement. When one comes to a close in one chapter of one's life (one of several chapters, of course), he has then to change gear and move in another direction to fill in the void created. Because there is a lingering void or a brief spell between chapters of life. It's like a landing on a long flight of stairs wherein one is given the chance to catch his breath and energize for the next flight up that stair.

I took that chance to rethink my directions in moving forward. The plans I had before seemed insufficient now and irrelevant with some things taken away and some more added which I didn't plan for. This made me think how fragile life can truly be. So I decided to scratch off 'forever' from my dictionary and resolved to live in -- moments.

Moments cannot be bought or bargained for, I thought then that I will and should create my own. But it turned out that I was going to be blessed far more that I expected wished or prayed for!


-when my youngest daughter surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on Mother's Day

-when my second daughter gave me a surprise treat on my birthday by taking me to lunch in Tagaytay City overlooking the magnificent Taal Volcano

-when my eldest daughter gave me a fantastic massage on my back which pain made my day grumpy

-when my pet dog came to me as I sat on the sofa watching TV and lovingly nestled her head close at my side

-when the soya vendor with a warm smile added two free packs to the ones I bought

-when I watched the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen

-when I heard a tiny bird somewhere up the treetops singing his tiny song and a gentle breeze nudged the leaves to a dance

.....and zillions more through the years!



  1. Thanks.It is a nice post.One word of caution.There is no perfect moment."If you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured, it may never arrive. Mountains will not be climbed, races won, or lasting happiness achieved.” It is like a man wanting to take sea bath waiting for the waves to subside.Grab the present and find the happy things that abound.

  2. Hi Parth,

    How true those lines are. Experience tells me too that when you make it special - savoring its beauty - treasuring its value - basking in its essence ... that moment turns itself into the perfect moment far beyond your wildest dreams. To quote -- 'it's the journey not the destination that makes the difference'.

    Have a great day.
    Thanks for dropping by. :-)

  3. Lovely Post Ellen. Thanks to you and your fried Parth too.

    Guess what? As I finished reading this post...I am already recalling the perfect moments I came across recently!

    Thanks.You are special :-)

  4. Hi Jigs,

    Where've you been all this time? Missed you. :-) How nice to see you again. Everything okay? Take care always, won't you.

    Heyy maybe you can blog about it? I'd be interested to see your perfect moments too. :-)

  5. Hi Elen,
    True, like in your case, I too have lot moments that are truely special and often what make them special is if you ruminate on them later because when you go through them one moment looks as ordinary as the other. I am going on a small tour with my friends and there will be many of such moments to gather.

  6. Very true Ellen! If we learn to appreciate every moment in our lives, life would be a whole lot happier and enjoyable.

  7. That's great, Indrasish! Yup, those special moments will come right out in your direction. Just keep your eyes, mind, and heart open to it. You'll have more than your hands can hold. lols! Have fun, enjoy! :-)


  8. Hi RGB,

    Well, nothing should stop us from trying, right? So let's make this true -- " would be a whole lot happier and enjoyable." And you're showing the way with your blog. :-) Wish you all the best!

  9. Ellen,

    In our rush we tend to miss out on such small moments which may actually open our closed mind to immense happiness never felt before. In life one has to change as per times but in all phases such moments are always there only we remain oblivious to these. Thanks for this beautiful post which I hope will help open some closed eyes. And not forgeting your friend K Parthasarathi - big thanks.

    Take care

  10. hi ellen,

    wow..grt line and u have paid the apt attention to that message..loved ur style..

    yeah..we all have perfect moments in life, and all are having their own importane and appriciation..

    Thanks fr writing this...:)

  11. This is beautiful, Jack -- "In our rush we tend to miss out on such small moments which may actually open our closed mind to immense happiness never felt before."

    Thanks for sharing this. :-)


  12. I agree too, Pram -- "yeah..we all have perfect moments in life, and all are having their own importane and appriciation.." Each important in its own special way. :-)


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