Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Whether you're 16, 46, or 60 there's enough learning you can do to fill up your lifetime. In fact, to learn them all you will need a thousand... naye ...a million lifetimes.

I like that idea. I think life is one huge basket of lessons that very well teach me bout things, people, nature ... it shows me how an angry sea would lash out at the shore, or why people cry at silly things sometimes, or why poking your nose in other people's lives would get you a black eye lols! It tells me that in all things there is an ebb and flow which cannot be avoided or ignored. That people are born, live, and then die. That life can be both a burden and a blessing or one and not the other, but that is all up to you. That we have control of our lives and that if we allow others to do it for us, things can go crazy. That we may look different, behave differently, believe in different things and stuff, but in things which truly matter we are basically very much the same.

But even if I may know all of that there is still so much more I'm so ignorant of. I can't fathom nor imagine the mysteries of the universe... and too wonder about the secrets of the immense span of space or the depths of the oceans and seas. I can't see what feelings are written in a person's heart or the myriad of memories and thoughts interspersing in his mind. I can but only guess. That is not always enough.

And too I have so many questions unspoken and real which answers I have yet to find. But whether I find them or not, this journey I am taking is even far more richer than the end-all of it I begin to realize.

Now I know that this huge basket I so speak of is one bottomless vessel of precious treasure ripe for the picking. Then maybe... just maybe... I can pick those I want and discard stuff I consider trivia. But you know what, in some mysterious way these unwanted lessons I've chosen to ignore find their way back to me again and again until -- I become more inclined to learn them well, like it or not.

Nope, learning does not stop.. ever. I'm glad it's that way. Because life is measured not by days, weeks, months, or years... but by how much you have grown closer to that person you were meant to be --- by God's design. How do I know that? Easy. Life taught me.

(Picture forwarded to me by Parth)


  1. Hi Ellen:)


    Very interesting and thought provoking post along with a breathtaking photo.



    I agree with you learning is a life long process. In fact if we have to survive in this ever changing world we have to unlearn our old ways and learn new ways.

    Childrencanbea huge source of learning if we can observe them carefull. They are from God and have divinity in them. As we grow older the world offers us too many temptation and we lose that divine spark in us. We have come from God and we have to go back to HIM afer a brief soujourn in this world.

    Besides, whatever we know is limited because we can specialize only in a certain field whereas there are many branches of knowlege that are beyond our understanding. We cannnot master history,geography,chemistry,physics, literature, finance, marketing , philosopy, geology,law etc.

    As you rightly said we have to live a life which will bring us closer to God our Creator. In fact, our purpose in this life is to sing his praise and make the best of the talents that he has bestowed upon us to progress and prosper and do all the good that we can so that on the day of Judgment we find favor with the Almighty.

    Have a nice day Ellen:)

  2. Hi Joseph,

    I appreciate your every visit to my blog place. But who wouldn't?! what with the wisdom and interesting insights which accompany your every message.. it can be a post all by itself. :-)

    Thank you for this lovely visit.
    Have a pleasant day and all throughout the week ahead.
    God bless you!

  3. Hi Ellen,

    another wonderful and a prominent thought..:)

    it gives me immense pleasure when i come here and see your words..they are of absolute wisdom and strength.. i love this most abt ur blog..

    yaa it takes very or huge time to understand something or to understand our own lives..my recent post is one understanding the other person.. pls have a look in ur free time.. ur comments are highly appreciated and valued.. thank you.

  4. Hi Prams,

    Love it when you come visiting. :-) ..and too for the warmth of your messages. Thank you, dear friend. -- I've gone to your blog and left message there too. That post is a standout. Well, another of your writing gems, as always. :-)I'm not surprised at all.

    Take care okay?
    Have a wonderful day and too for the rest of the week. God bless!

  5. A wonderful post Ellen. Very inspiring indeed...I see so much wisdom, warmth and inspiration here...Will keep visiting definitely...:)

  6. Beautifully describes, Im blessed to have joined ur blog :)

  7. Hi KP,

    Wonderful to see you here. Love it when you come visiting :-). Hope your day's doing fine. Always take care. May God bless you and your family.

  8. Hi Sana,

    Oh but am more blessed to have you for a friend. By the way, please keep on writing because you do it so well. Am looking forward to more interesting posts from you. Take care and God bless!

  9. Hi Destiny's Child,

    Thank you for your message. You know what, you have a very interesting blog that makes cruising down its pages a pleasure. Please continue with the wonderful writing and so delight your readers every time. God bless!

  10. Very insightful.. Thanks for sharing with us what life has taught you.

    I love asking questions since I was a kid. Some were left unanswered but as I grew up, I was able to find the answers myself in the process. Some are still unanswered, and perhaps they are better that way, but one thing I am sure of is that we indeed learn from experiences. Sometimes we learn the hard way, but God is with us so it wouldn't have to be too bad.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts once again.

  11. Hello Sashin,

    Beautifully said >> "..Sometimes we learn the hard way, but God is with us so it wouldn't have to be too bad." So very true. I have had my share of hard lessons too.. and there seemed to be no way out, lessons not understood, and would have landed me in misery land -- except that God took my hand, blessed me with His grace and understanding and lead me out to safer grounds. Yes, we sometimes must learn the hard way but (quoting you)"..God is with us so it wouldn't have to be too bad."

    Thanks for this lovely visit -- the pleasure is all mine. :-) Take care and God bless.


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