Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So you think that dreams belong only to the very young? When they arriving at this special point in their lives begin to think that the whole world beckons to them to experience its adventure, mystery, enigma, wonder, and new surprises? It's commonly the idea. It's a world of many firsts -- the first job, first major project, first recognition -- these and many more fire that passion in the heart. And truely off would they fly in pursuit of those dreams.


What if something unexpected takes you off that road? What if you are made to surrender or give up those dreams? What if you lose control of your destiny and somebody holds it in his hand? (we're not referring to god or religion this time)

You may feel that there is no reason for wanting to go on, that the chase would be pointless or useless anyhow, that life wants you to do this and not that, that when the dream has broken into bits and pieces it would be too late to put it back together again at anytime. So you resign yourself to your fate.

Are you sure?.....

Because I don't buy that. I know that dreams don't disappear. It's still there tucked up somewhere inside of you. Maybe pushed to the far back or corner, but it's there. And it's simply waiting to be resurrected, to be championed once more. It stays there with its small warm glow of hope and faith that one day YOU will come to your senses and pluck it out of the darness and bring it to the light where dreams truly belong.

It doesn't matter how much you have lost, or how much older you are now, or how strange or foolish it may look to others, or how much people will tell you that it will never work out. It doesn't matter. What matters, and you should etch this in your heart, is that you have picked up the shreded bits of your broken dreams and pieced them back together again. Oh it's true that you may or may not succeed but it's alright. Who cares?! (Lols, I'm taking my dream one tiny step at a time and I don't even know if I'll get there or not.) I think that the wonderful sense of joy and adventure would be enough to restore the glimmer in your eyes, brighten your smile, and put back that long lost bounce in your step! That makes it all worthwhile. Because, believe me, from there... tomorrows could be beautiful. Besides, God is delighted by dreamers with a lot of spunk.

"When you find a Dream inside your heart
Don't ever let it go

For Dreams are the tiny seeds from

Which beautiful Tomorrows Grow

(Thanks to Parth for this lovely quote, author unknown.)


  1. Hi Ellen
    its surprising that there are no comments on this post.
    i quite like the simple way in which u have put the fact that dreams dont die. Dreams according to me are an extension of hope, and jus like hope never dies i believe dreams also follow suit. Till the point that they are fulfilled that is. But then once a dream is fulfilled, we get onto the next dream and the cycle continues.
    I believe its like LOVE. real love can never be just gone, just like that. there can be circumstances that can reduce the love, but nothing can completely replace it.
    take care

  2. Dear Ate Ellen,

    Thank you so much for reminding me...
    "...and it's simply waiting to be resurrected, to be championed once more....
    this post makes my heart melts..really...
    makes me want to chase my dream even more..
    thanks so much :)

  3. Hey Ellen! You end your posts with beautiful quotes, Your posts make the quotes more meaningful:)
    I'm a dreamer, and thus a total believer of dreams, dreams rest in my eyes a little too much , but guess I like it that way, coz I know that someday I'll see them transform into reality :)Hope your dreams come true!

  4. Hello TD,

    That's a lovely way to put it :-) -- dreams and hope. Beautiful!! I think you should be writing your own insights into the subject, my friend. I for one would be very interested to read it in your blog.

    So nice to see you today, love every visit and every message you post here. Thank you - I appreciate it much. :-) God bless!

  5. Hi Khel/Gratitude,

    Oh don't let anyone or anything keep you from chasing your dreams. Better to say that you've tried -- than have regrets for not having tried at all. Remember this in your heart.

    My prayers go with you. :-)

  6. Hello Sana/NewBeginning,

    I like this very much >> "...coz I know that someday I'll see them transform into reality :)..."

    And it will, Sana - it shall be as you believe. Keep your dream alive and continue to fan the flame of hope in your heart as you pursue it with vigor and determination. Best of luck to you. And God bless.


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