Thursday, December 10, 2009


Many of us go through life not understanding ourselves well - we have so little regard of who we are. We think that there possibly can't be something good in us. We believe that when God poured out talents for everyone -- it went through our fingers thus we missed catching some for ourselves. And so we see ourselves as just nothing. Nothing. How do I know that? Simple. I have friends who suffer this 'disease'.

So then we think that when we did something clearly brilliant that we were simply lucky? Or that when the soufle came out so perfect that it was because we had a good bake oven and not because we bake so well? Or that when a thief turns a new leaf that it was because he got scared of jail and not because we managed to talked him to change?

I'll tell you what. God never misses a target even if you think he missed you or that you missed catching it. Talent is a blessing God pours out in generous portions on everyone. But this too is true that oftentimes blessings come in plain wrappings, most times contained in very ordinary vessels.

Allow me to refresh your memory to this that "the 'essence' of a thing is far more valuable than its 'form'.."

That's how we should see ourselves. We have been blessed with gifts of talent, wisdom, goodness, intelligence, abilities, empathy, understanding, discernment, gentle demeanor, humility, strength of character, ingenuity, creativity, and so many more which we foolishly take for granted or are quite oblivious of. Or simply said just don't get it.

That's just the problem.. We think we're like empty vessels. Plain ordinary vessels maybe but certainly not empty. We have within us the essence of everything that is good, noble, genuine, and true. That no matter how we may appear on the outside it does not reflect who we are on the inside -- where essence resides unmatched by the form of our existence.

We are blessed far more than we realize or think or feel or deserve. But blessed we certainly are. So blessedly special - so specially blessed. That's who we are!


  1. Hi Ellen..

    wow..well agian a wonderful piece frm u here..yeah.. i too know ppl who estimate theselves as 'Nothing'.. but yaa as you said..there is immensepower in every human being, being a minded animal..

    its up to us how we take and use it.. thanks for this post..

    hope u r enjoying the pre-christmas days.. Merry chirstmas in u and to ur daughters too..

    With Love

  2. Hi Prams,

    Great to see you again. How have you been? I suppose busy too with the usual holiday trimmings. You guessed it right, we are in the midst of prepping up for the big day. I love Christmas; it's that time of the year when everybody seems to be so much more kinder, gentler, friendlier, warm and cheery, more giving and open to sharing, and more accessible and connected. Wouldn't it be nice if everyday was Christmas?? :-)

    Thanks for this lovely visit, Prams. Have a pleasant and blessed day. God bless you!

  3. Very true Ellen:) Another beautiful post from you!

  4. Hi Sana/NewBeginning,

    Oh it's just great to see wonderful people like you here in the blog visiting. You have an interesting blog ('Musings') Please continue with your wonderful writing. :-) See you around! God bless!

  5. A nice post.But then why is low self esteem often found in peoplefrom deprived sections.Is the society and family we are born into has arole to play?The rich sons/daiughters suffer no sense of inadequacy whenwe see their brash ways.

  6. I am always amazed at your wonderful posts Ellen, I wonder how you could have such a magical thought for such wisdom...maybe and i would presume, that your journey in life is well-seasoned and from it, you've got lots to share to people like us...:)

    thank you so much Ellen...and sorry for missing so many of your posts lately...

    good day and God bless you and your family!

  7. Hi Parth,

    Well, just as a matter of opinion...

    Everything has its reason and everything good or bad does weild influence on people's lives. Whether it be family, society, religion, education, experience, and more. What you see in (quote) people from deprived sections (unquote)... is more likely caused by the badgering of negative forces in their small lives. Remember 'other people mirror you' and vice versa? When a person looks down on the marginalized, this attitude is caught by the latter thereby influencing the way they think of themselves. They begin to lose the ability to like themselves as their self-esteem plummets down to the ground. They begin to think and believe that they are nothing too - insignificant. So somebody (or society) has to help them believe in themselves again, to acknowledge their right to be, to make them see that they too are special and have special talents that are simply waiting to be discovered - uncovered. ---- Rich spoiled brats think they are invincible because of these human piranhas around them who fawn, praise, serve but (we know) only to further vested interests or careers. The family is no help when they too have the same mindset, even condone the wrong attitude and behavior. They simply mirror each other in their thoughts and ways. Only when these kids are stripped of their lavish accoutrement and made to see self in a truer light will there be some hope or chance for change. But often it comes with a big price. Would they be willing to pay that price?

    Thanks, Parth, for this visit and interesting exchange.
    Hope you're feeling so much better today. God bless.

  8. Hi Amity,

    We all have our stories to tell -- things we gather as we walk down our respective life journeys. We form our observations, insights, perceptions, opinions of things which cross our path or which journey alongside us. It's all very interesting when you reflect on such events or experiences that transpire at every point of the journey. It opens up our eyes and mind, includes the heart too, to view life with better clarity vision and understanding. That's what life does to us in many ways. Wisdom is there for us to take. :-)

    So nice to see you; thank you for dropping by -- and for your warm and lovely message. Hope the day went well. Blessings to you and your family.

  9. yes...
    everyone is on the same stage with equal potential of doing something creative.
    just perform with joy and the world will clap for you...
    inspiring post Ellen...

  10. Hi Amit,

    Great to see you here in the blog. I know that you're a very busy man, dear friend. Glad that you were able to take time off your designs today. :-)

    Take care and Best regards to your family. God bless the new bundle of joy arriving very soon. :-)

  11. Very beautiful flowers and so pretty words. Words fail me. AWESOME!

    Gosh, you are such a talented and bright person!

  12. LP!! or Philip Lols! what a lovely surprise! :-)

    Delighted to see you. 'Been quite a long time, dear friend. Missed you! How's the writing doing @CPlash? Knowing how you write well, you'd be your usual prolific self, that I'm sure. lols! :-) Love your writing style. You're tops on my list since our o3 days.

    Thank you for your lovely message. And for this wonderful visit. Take care always and God bless you.

  13. Hi Ellen:
    Another post glowing with insights, and the way you distinguish essence from form, philosophical as an age-old voice of wisdom from India.Thank you that are around to remind us of the things that matter in your own wonderful ways.

  14. DFish! So delighted to see you here! 'Been a long while. I hope all's fine at your end. :-)

    Thank you for such a lovely visit and for your lovely message. You know, dear friend, I can send the same back at you knowing how your blog is a gem of wisdom and insight. :-)

    God bless you!


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