Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's a lovely morning. I can see that from my window -- cloudy skies, gusty winds, the sun playing hide and seek, tree tops doing their hip swaying dance, birds chirping merrily from tree to tree, and the usual sounds of the average neighborhood of families, crying babies, cars, the smell of cooking, the whirring of washing machines, barking dogs, and TV sitcoms.

My house is quiet now -- it's a Sunday! Everybody is allowed to sleep all they can on a Sunday. I would but my internal body clock would always rouse me at seven no matter if I stayed up late the night before. So after dragging my unwilling body out of bed, I head off to the bathroom for the first routine of the day - a cool refreshing bath. That did the trick. I'm now wide awake.

Breakfast is next on the agenda. Opened the refrigerator, saw a whole yellow ripe medium-sized papaya, took it out, and cut me two slices. Would have wanted a papaya shake but that's a lot of work. So lazy me picked two small 'calamansi' from the cupboard -- because I prefer my papaya fruit with a bit of tangy flavor to it. I got that from my kiddie days when Mom would sprinkle a bit of sugar and drops of juice from the calamansi -- just so I eat my fruit. You see, as a kid I was a cake freak and why I loved birthdays because I could eat all the cake my tiny mouth could munch on. Anyway she won that battle. It tasted good with just the right balance of tangy and sweet enhancing the natural flavor of the papaya. So that stuck and I do it all the time but sans the sugar thing.

Done with breakfast, I hie off to the computer. But of course. Gmail or yahoo, checked the inboxes for new mails and possibly replying to them too. What do I get in there? Oh the usual stuff -- mail from family, friends near and far, and spam! Spam I toss out of my box without a thought - it's a reflex action actually. That settled, I clear the screen for the next thing --- writing.

Sometimes I sit at the computer blazing with an idea or ideas. And then again sometimes I sit there with a blank mind. When I have an idea churning in my brain, the writing comes easy. It just flows, 'could be long or short but that doesn't matter. Because I've found out that when the idea finally is exhausted then my fingers just stop on the keys. Yeah my brain and my fingers are connected. But there are moments when the fingers are so hyped out for typing more.. but my mind puts an abrupt halt to that with a simple snooty 'I have nothing more to say'.

Sitting at the computer with a blank mind, on the other hand, is just what it is -- a blank! No ideas, no inspiration, no motivation, nothing! But... I don't blame myself for that. Hahah I blame that on the Muses. On such a day, it tells me that the Muses are in a conference brainstorming topics or subjects for me to write. I can imagine a lively colorful ecstatic exchange between the Muses inside the boardroom. I'd do anything to be privy to that fantastic exchange. But since I can't.. then I wait out the 'tempest delight' with my own 'time killers' -- music, reading, sketching, or sew adjustments on my new dress, or play crazy with my dogs. The writing inactivity could go on for days or weeks, there is no deadline to the Muses' brainstorming sessions. They'll come to me when they're ready. And that's okay with me.

Ooops! I now hear activity in the bedrooms. So my princesses have waken from their dreams of castles in the air, a million dollar job, gorgeous fashionista clothes, a dashing prince, travels around the world, and tons of cookies-and-cream ice cream. Yup turning into Mom-mode. So bye for now. See you back here soon. :-)


  1. You have contrived out of thin air a wonderful post-beautiful words falling one after another,keeping our interest unflagged and finally making us wonder how out of simple act of eating a slice of papaya laced with calamansi you could weave an engrossing post that made us glued to your blog

  2. Hi Elen,
    Nice blog. You have a flair for finding inspiration for blogs. It was a morning well described.

  3. Thanks, KP, and that's a nice compliment which is truly appreciated. Thank you.

  4. That's the thing about the Muses -- they make you write from unexpected sources or resources or reasons and yet still enjoy the whole process. Thanks for coming by, Indra, and for your message.

  5. Ellen,

    Read 2 posts now. We can not be self sufficient at our own even if we wanted to be. We have to depend on others for many things and also be support to many for what they need. And one support which we can never do without is GOD. Nice way to start a Sunday. There are many a times when even with ideas churning around making my mind go dizzy, it is just not possible for me to sit down to put it in black & white. The inspiration comes only once that Board Meeting is over. Even now I have a half finished post waiting for final touches.

    Take care

  6. Thats just another nice read.....from a lovely lady and who indeed is a lovely mom.....just like mine :-)

    Wish you more such b'ful mornings Ellen.

    Keep Smiling

  7. Hi Jack,

    :-) Lovely to see you here! Oh yeah, I do too have a half-finished post just waiting for me. In fact, honestly I've done several but all beginnings hahahah... Now when I'll ever get those done will depend on the Muses, unfortunately. lols! My mind isn't just working as it should, not in this hot weather anyway. Imagine a day in 32degrees weather?! Aarrgh!

    Well, I hope you get to finish your post soon. Have a pleasant day! God bless you and your family.

  8. Hi Jigyasa,

    Thank you for such lovely words! Such delight and pleasure to see it.

    "....just like mine" - I don't doubt that because look at you.. you would make a mom proud. :-)

    Take care, my dear friend, and God bless you and your loved ones.


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