Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A good friend online sent me this piece and it's a good one on parenting. I have retained the generic ideas on that list and left out the rest with the hope that my friend would do the honors of posting the complete text in his blog. To quote...

"Helping Your Children Like Themselves," --James Harris (1983)

1. Teach children that they are divine spirits who have the potential to become like their Father in Heaven.
2. Be positive and optimistic when children make mistakes; avoid dwelling on their weaknesses.

3. Understand each child and adapt your teaching style accordingly.

4. Teach children correct principles, but give them room to learn and grow by encouraging them to do things on their own.

5. Help your child develop self-worth by learning to serve others.
6. Spend as much time with your children as you can.
7. Teach your children how to work.

8. Teach children to see the good in other people.

9. Teach children to respect themselves and not to dwell on their shortcomings.

10. Speak and act in ways that sincerely express your love to your children.


And I know that parents everywhere hope in their hearts that they have done one or some of these in good measure. We can only do our best with our children but we can never be sure of how they will turn out. Because as they grow older they will begin to use their own free wills.

'Free will' is both a blessing and a bane, and to some a curse. But then this is how God meant it to be -- that man exercise the gift of free will to make choices hoping that man has learned well to choose good. I have always believed that god does not interfere with man's exercise of free will but is certainly quick to respond whenever invited. That is what prayer is all about.

I have, with all that I could muster, tried to raise my girls into god-anchored individuals. Because I know that there is their safety and surety as they travel their own life journeys. Beauty brilliance education titles or riches have their uses agreed but they are nothing compared to the power of our Creator. There is so much more that he can do for you which not even all of these combined can. With God nothing is impossible. Peace in the midst of chaos, clarity in confusion, help in dire need, discernment in false surroundings, decision in uncertainty, and so much more you haven't even begin to realize. All that you have to do is ask -- in prayer.

May God bless you with all these and so much more.


  1. The ten ideas are great.The point that one should understand each child and adapt is very correct as all children are not endowed with same skills,attitudes, and intelligence..A mom or dad alone can instil in their children the right values.
    The point on power of prayer and what God can do where human endeavour fails is brilliantly true.
    Nice post,Ellen

  2. Parents are a blessing for sure :) Thanks for the beautiful post Ellen!

  3. Hello KP,

    Glad to see you have found the time to drop by. I know that you are busy too with your own blog which by the way I find interesting.

    Thank you and I hope all's well in your day. Blessings to you and your family. :-)

  4. Hi Sana,

    Where would we be without them? :-) They are the wind to our sails. Lovely to see you today. Thank you for coming by and for your message. Take care pls. God bless you and your family.

  5. Ellen,

    Read 3 posts now. How true conclusion in Fisherman tale. Bringing up family and Parenting Tips are what is to be understood by one and all. One needs to treat children as friends after certain age. One should make them feel their responsibilities without burdening them. Give their due and guide them if they falter without scolding.

    Take care

    PS : Not seen you in my space.

  6. As a parent, and have raised two boys it is not an easy job. We do the best we can and hope our teachings are well heard.That is a wonderful list, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for coming by.

  7. Hi Jack,

    True wisdom. You are right. So nice to see you here again. Love it when you come visiting. Thank you. :-) By the way, have gone to your blog and left message there too. Wishing you a blessed day. God bless you tons!

  8. Hi Margaret,

    "We do the best we can and hope our teachings are well heard." --- Oh yes indeed! Thanks for this lovely visit. May God bless you with a great day in every way. :-)


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