Saturday, March 20, 2010


"No matter who you are, no matter where you go in life, at some point you will need somebody to stand by you."

That's a beautiful line from the song 'Stand By Me'.
If you think that you can go through life all by your lonesome independent self, think again. Because that isn't so. You can't be all those things you want to be nor do everything you think you can do. It does not work that way. In your every thought, idea, or action lies within a special need which not even you can provide for yourself. Why? Because admittedly there are things which another person's thought, idea, or action could serve perhaps better than you - like it or not.

You can't know everything there is to know, you will need a thousand lifetimes to know or learn them all. And if mistakes are the tools for learning, you can't make all the mistakes you need to do to gather those lessons. You have to learn those from others as well. You can't be the sole reservoir of talent or skills or brilliance. Others have it too in great measure. Perhaps even more than what you know.

We all stand connected in many different ways. I need you for something in my life in the same way you need me for something you have to fill to get on with life too. Whatever it is -- intellectual, social, spiritual, physical, moral, political, business, relational -- whatever it is the bottom line is we need each other at some point or another.

And when life gets tough don't we look around for something or someone who could help us get through and out in one piece? I do. I need somebody to be here or there for me. Somebody who through thick and thin would --- stand by me. That, by the way, is also by God's design.

At this point, I'd like to say 'thank you to lovely people -- my gorgeous family, steadfast friends, strangers who were angels in disguise -- who in my small life have stood by me whenever-wherever-whatever'. And to our wonderful Father up there in His Holy Throne --Hugs, Daddy! Thank you. :-)


  1. Beautioful post Ellen!There are so many things to be thankful for...we should be really thankful for a beautiful life that we have :)

  2. Stand by me...a very inspiring post Ellen...what you said is very true...without family, friends - real or virtual, life is not so meaningful coz they are the ones who make life worth living for...:)

    Thanks for sharing this post Ellen, I've missed a lot of your blogs...:)

    Have a great week-end spent with family and friends!



  3. Great to see you, Sana! :-) Yeah isn't it -- beautiful life! Hey have gone to your blog and saw the new post. That was great! :-)

  4. Hi Amity! Ahh this is great seeing you again. :-) "..without family, friends - real or virtual, life is not so meaningful coz they are the ones who make life worth living for...:)" -- I agree with you!

    By the way, that was an interesting poem you posted in your blog. Made me smile - such a familiar subject. :-)

  5. Nice post.We all need someone to stand by us thro thick and then.When young, parents and siblings stand by us.Friends too.As we grow older new relations, new friends and children come in our life.The persona keep changing though we have someone always by our side with spouse being the one in most cases.Standing by one is no one way street and we will hv someone by us only if we do likewise.

  6. True friendship is always a two-way avenue.. not a one-way street. That carries over to almost everything in life... it always takes 'two to tango'.

    On another thought on friendship, isn't the quote below interestingly insightful? --

    "To have a friend, be one."

    -Truly a two-way avenue. :-) Thanks for coming by. God bless.


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