Saturday, May 15, 2010


The independence of solitude... ahhh that's a beautiful phrase and thought. And yes, it's perfectly sweet. Knowing where you are, knowing that things are temporary and will pass, knowing that people will come and go in anyone's life, and knowing that anything that happens will happen because they happen for a reason, including love. Everything has it own place time season and reason. (Ecclesiastes from the Book) -- All these are better understood in the presence of solitude.

Never deprive a man of his solitude.
Because there he grows in self - with self. He learns well when left to his musings, reflections, and insights. There he is restored to his core and once again regains his balance and true perspectives. There he comes to terms with his inner demons and learns to sift through the grain to find his true gold. There he will argue with his God and who in turn will show him where he is right or wrong. There he sees himself without sham or masks and exposes his weaknesses as well as his strengths. There after all the battles fought he will finally come to a rebirth of self -- a renewed creative shining powerful version of his old self.

The independence of solitude confirms and affirms the independence of that person. Not only for his good but hopefully for the greater good of which we all must serve.

It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinions;
it is easy in solitude to live after your own;
but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd
keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quote courtesy of a good friend. Thank you.


  1. It is really a very enlightening post.The power of silence which solitude brings about is amazing in transforming persons from base to superior stuff.This has been brought out well in this short post.Thanks,Ellen

  2. Hi Ellen, what a fabulous piece. I was touched to the core.. Your words are powerful they always find a way to my soul. Every statement is moving.

    I'll never get tired telling you this: you and your blog are a blessing. I hope you will continue pouring your thoughts and insights here, as in my time of solitude, I often visit to "help restore my core" as you coined it. Aside from this, I always feed your fish.. A click is equivalent to 3 grains of fish food if I'm not mistaken..^^

    I agree with your post and you have said everything so well.

    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  3. Hi Sash, As long as you come visiting and as long as people do stop awhile and read.... I will blog for as long as I may. :-) You are such a wonderful person, visitor to the blog, and friend. The comments you leave behind always serve to lift my day to a lovely one. Thank you for being you. :-)

    Wheee! my fish are getting more love than expected. Lols! No wonder they look so perky and lively. So you're the culprit hahahah ... but wonderfully so. In behalf of my fish kingdom, thank you, dear lovely lady. You certainly make our day each time. Thank care always and God bless.

  4. Hi KP, rare do I see you here these days. But of course you would be busy with your blog of interesting stories. You're quite a storyteller, you know. Well, I truly appreciate that you come visiting whenever you can. And thank you for the encouraging words you always leave behind every time you drop by. I appreciate such generosity each time.

    Hope that your day today comes out pleasant and bright. God packed in blessings for you and your lovely family. God bless!

  5. Ooops Sashin, that was 'take care....' :-) Pardon the typo. My fingers seem to have a life of their own. LOLS!

  6. words, weaving them beautifully all the time. I just can't figure out how you do it, at times

  7. What a nice post Ellen, Can't tell you how much I liked it. Today I was upset over something that was beyond my control and it was only in solitude that I found my answer. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post. You have a magic in your writing... it always touches my heart and answers my doubts and questions.

  8. Hi Philip/LostPatrol,

    Thanks but neither do I. Lols! :-) Honestly, thank you for such a lovely compliment. So great seeing you here, my friend. Missed you! But please don't have a go at the posts in one sitting as you usually do. Because you'll be leaving me with nothing to bait you with that you come back. Argh! :-) :-)

    Have a good day.
    God bless you.

  9. Dear Aby,

    Then the purpose has been served well. You see, if at least one individual finds his light in one of my posts and helps ease him through his day, that would make the writing worthwhile.

    We are all the same going through our individual separate journeys in life. But basically the same feelings are there and too some experiences which may tug at a similar note in another person. You are not alone in your journey, dear friend, cos there's many of us traveling that same road. Welcome, fellow traveler. :-)

    God bless you.


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