Wednesday, May 26, 2010


There are so many things I want in life that there's not enough fingers in my hands to count it with... toes included. Nope, it's not true that the farther one advances in years those wants decrease in proportion to it. Or have I said that correctly? Anyway, wanting something is part and parcel of being human. It never stops. But it does change in levels of priority, time and season, reason and rhyme, fashion ...and dreams. Truth is, I have more wants now and they are better defined meaning I understand what I truly want. Before, I wanted something because of some preset reason dictated by circumstance or life conditions. Now I find how much different it has become. Now i want this or that because i feel that it may be nice on me or will be good for me or that I will be enjoying it immensely. I want those things which will make me happy, comfortable, entertained, appreciated, or everything else that usually delights a woman's heart... and mind. And yes that list is now a mile long!

Will I get them all? Who knows?! I'm hoping that I would. Some have already been achieved though and you can just imagine how much pleasure and delight it brought me. Now am tweaked with bigger anticipation to look forward to the rest coming my way in their own good time. Admittedly things do come to us in its proper time and timing. You can't push it but you can pray for it.


There are also much on that list that I don't get. It's a downright 'No' on an item or two from Someone up there, and there's a 'Wait' on a few, and 'let's come back to this later' on some. Does that disappoint me? Of course it does and it raises my level of impatience a notch higher every time. So I make alterations adjustments conditions promises to my prayer with the intent of making the Big Guy up there concede to my request. But nope He won't budge. Not one iota of movement. Ugh!

But..... I'm glad.

If I had all my wants realized i would be ecstatically happy.. believe me, but is that a guaranty that it would be good for me too? I mean good in its truest sense. I can see what I see before my eyes... things which are tangible and real to my senses. But there's more to just the sensory thrill or satisfaction of a wonderful experience. That can easily pass with time. There should be a much more serious meaning or purpose or depth in the wanting and receiving, I believe.

Therefore I think that alone comes in wanting too what I need. Because in reality it's not always what I want that I get. But rather it's most times what I need. These created who I am today, shaped me in my thoughts and attitude towards people - life - the world. The Big Guy up there sure knows His job. Thus He does not always give me what I want although I'm sure He could..... but He gives what I need because he wants me to grow - mature into the person he meant me to be in the first place. He does this with everyone.... everyone!

So really, it's not always what we want but what we need that we get. I am learning to appreciate that.

(Picture is courtesy of friend-photographer Larry Conception)


  1. Very true. And when there's a real need, the Almighty certainly provides, in full measure.

  2. That too is so very true. Thanks for coming by today, RGB. Hope you're having a lovely week. :-)

  3. Ellen,

    True. God knows what is best for each one of us and provides accordingly. Our wants are never ending but what we get is what is necessary for us. We must learn to hope or pray for more but be happy with what we have.

    Take care

  4. Nice post. Thought provoking. Rather long though, but then its your blog and you write for yourself.

    There is one line that i really like "truth is, I have more wants now and they are better defined meaning I understand what I truly want"

    i think thats a crucial aint it. as we move along in life we tend to redefine a lot of things for whatever reason. and suddenly we realise that what we wanted we always had, its just that we never saw it for what it was. a slight tweak in many instance than a major overhaul does the trick. So holds true for attaching a purpose and meaning to the wants. A want does not become a want till it has a serious purpose. and hey.. how come God gets trapped in human definitions .. 'big Guy up there'.. just kidding.

    good read.

  5. Hi Jack,

    "God knows what is best for each one of us and provides accordingly." --- Wisdom for the heart and soul.. spoken by a God-anchored man - you :-) Beautifully said.

  6. Hi Mark,

    Yup my blog and it's got diversity i think hahahah -- long, short, serious, light, and stuff that says that this here girl is ... human... just like everybody else LOLS! :-) :-)

    Good thoughts there, my friend...

    --"we realise that what we wanted we always had, its just that we never saw it for what it was."
    --"A want does not become a want till it has a serious purpose."
    --"how come God gets trapped in human definitions .. 'big Guy up there'.. just kidding." ---

    Hehehe Well, the Big Guy is BIG no matter how you look at him. Big mind, big heart, big resources, big capacity, big love. Everything he does is big. And I believe that every time I call him Big Guy, the heavens above fill up with his roaring holy laughter!! Who says God can't laugh?!! :-)

    Heyyy let's catch up soon. You're slippery as an eel. But fb has taken you out of your waters so I guess it's pretty easy now to catch you... with a huge fish net?! :-)

    Great to be seeing you here. Thanks for dropping by. Take care, and God bless!

  7. Great to see you again, Sana. :-) Been a long time so I wondered how you were. Have gone to your blog and left message there. Hope that you have a lovely day. Enjoy! Thanks for coming by. Always take care and Godbless!

  8. Wants are never ending. I guess god wants us to realize that we already have enough things to appreciate in life and it's only when we really need something BADLY in life he does provide it to us and that too... Without asking for it :-)

  9. Hello Aby,

    We have a loving God and Father. And the heart of a mother who watches over her brood with protective and watchful eyes. God is every possible role we want him to be -- father, mother, brother, best friend, counselor, healer, provider, comforter, and many more. This tells us that he understands us as persons and knows the desires of our hearts. He becomes what we need him to be as we face our battles in life. He gives with every asking and even so much more if we ask with faith and even without as you have correctly said. We have a magnificent God! :-)

    So pleased to see you again. Thank you for your lovely visit and wonderful insights. Be blessed and stay blessed.

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  11. Hello Ellen:)

    This is truly an amazing insight into wants,needs and fulfillment at different stages of our life.

    I always believe that God gives us all that we want but not all that we ask for. HE know our needs and gives us not directly what want we want but in HIS own way,fashion and time.

    Life is a maze and sometimes we across dead ends. And God steps in to show the way and bless us with all that we need to tide over the crisis. HE never abandons us. Jesus said-ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. It is said that PRAYERS ARE POWERFUL.

    If I think of my own needs and how they were fulfilled, I should say that God fulfilled all my needs and wants but I had to struggle and work hard for it. Yes, I got many things by the sweat of my brow but it was worth the effort and trouble. So far I have not been let down.

    But I should say that I always had my ups and downs all my life and even now. There are times when I become desperate and despondent. But when I see my poorer, suffering, handicapped, sickly,hungry, roofless brothers on the road, automatically I start counting my blessings and I become buoyant and upbeat and all my low despondent,depressing feeling vanish.

    I should like to reiterate that I got all that I needed and not all that I wanted.And God knows what is best for me.

    Lovely post which opened up my mind and made me think.

    Have a nice day Ellen:)

  12. To You Did Whaaat --- Welcome to the blog. And thanks for dropping by. :-)

  13. Joseph, how wonderful to see you again! How are you? :-)

    :-) --- "I should like to reiterate that I got all that I needed and not all that I wanted. And God knows what is best for me."

    Indeed God knows what is best for each one of us. That line should calm our minds and bring peace to our hearts.

    Have a blessed day. God bless you.


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