Monday, May 31, 2010


Sitting here by my nice couch which is about a year old now brought home by my youngest daughter who meant to surprise me then. And I was and I loved it. Well, today seems to be a rather slow day as the summer sun beats down heavily outside my window and yet eased up a bit by winds that blow here and there. That's a lovely sight seeing the leaves swaying on tree tops fanning the air. Maybe Mr. Rain will come visiting later in the day as it did yesterday. With that perhaps summer may be drawing to its close very soon.

I'm quite comfy here on the couch. But I know too that soon I would be getting off it and get back to my battles with life, so to speak. Yesterday I battled with a hectic day packed with things that superimposed on each other or were quite close on each other's heel... too close for comfort. Naturally such a situation would result in a bucket of stress.. or maybe buckets. But I would not go into details anymore because it's the usual normal things that eat up a person's day or life. What would be worth noting though is that the stresses were all for naught because things ended up well.. in fact way beyond expectation thus making everybody happy. All's well that ends well, as often said. Somebody up there must be smiling.

We go through a lot like that, some bigger and some much worse which get us hurt bashed and pushed to our limits. Often makes us think if there was some other way to live life and not have to go through such hell over and over again.

But we know the answer to that, don't we? There's none. Cause if there was -- then there would be gazillions on that side of the globe rocking this old world of ours or maybe causing it to spin widely in space. So don't waste time searching for utopia because it's only in the mind where it has always been anyway.

So then here we are battling our battles day after day. And we get hurt a lot in the process. But that's okay too. Because in every hurt, in every pain, in every tear --- rises courage, strength, faith, perseverance, understanding, determination, hope, and essentially joy. Oh yes, joy -- it comes like the sun comes -- brightly shining after a heavy rain!

This puts to mind a wonderful quote sent by a good friend.....

"But do not fear to live or love,
Life's not exempt from pain.
So pick a rose, you may get hurt,
But you will also gain!"


  1. "Oh yes, joy -- it comes like the sun comes -- brightly shining after a heavy rain!" What a wonderful optimism that each one should cultivate if one is to enjoy his life.I liked the post written in racy style driving home the core message that life is a bundle of joy and sorrow but ultimately we gain by living it with a postive spirit

  2. Hi KP! Isn't that how we are supposed to live our lives? With optimism... positivity. Sometimes that could be difficult I know but then it's the only way to get some good sense out of life and living. We have to learn that well and quick. Otherwise we'd be beaten down to the ground. :-)

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Take care and God bless you.

  3. Wonder ...simply wonderful. It's an awesome post. It made my day and also made me thing about the petty things that keep bothering me in day to day life... There's so much more to life than just crying over things that aren't working. I'll try and enjoy with all that I have.

    Thanks once again for sharing such a beautiful post.

  4. Hi Aby!

    "There's so much more to life than just crying over things that aren't working." --- You say it so well. Very true. Now let's try to work it into our mundane lives. :-) Thanks for your lovely visit and comment. Take care and God bless you.

  5. Hi Sana! Lovely to see you today. Thanks for finding time to drop by and for your message. Hope all's well at your end. Take care always. God bless.

  6. Mr. Rain has been showing his face around here for a little too long now. Thanks for a great read on a rainy day!

  7. Hi Ellen
    well i guess we need a mixture of all emotions to actually get the true meaning of happiness. as is oft quoted, the true value of water can only be understood by someone whose really thirsty. Similarly if life didnt have the roller coaster rides and everything was smooth n coming our way, would it really be as interesting as it is? i guess not:D
    take care

  8. Hi Deborah,

    Oh yes, I too love sitting down with a book or cruising down blogs on a nice cool rainy day. :-) Or having ... breakfast with Ginger LOLS!!! :-)

  9. That's true, TD. And wish that many would look at life with that perspective. Which incidentally is what I've been trying to tell a couple of friends here who don't see it that way.

    Take care and God bless.


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