Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Trying this out for the first time. And I'm going to enjoy this cos it's one of my favorite Tagalog songs. My own humble tribute to a very talented singer. :-)

Meet the singer..... Rodel Naval
The song.............. "Kailan Kaya" or " When "

Okay, roughly interpreted the song is all about ..... a person whose LOVE is ..... unrequited, unknown, quietly unspoken, from a distance, longing, hoping to be noticed, waiting to be loved back in return.

Other singers here have tried their own version of the song, but Rodel alone sings it with his own unique quiet charm, gusto, clear voice, and endearing style. Unfortunately his singing career and too as a movie actor, stage performer (Toronto production of Miss Saigon) and song writer was cut short by his untimely death several years ago.

My sincere apologies that I cannot do an English translation for my foreign friends. A weak literal translation would only serve to lose the unique charm and flavor otherwise enjoyed in the Tagalog rendition of this beautiful song. It wouldn't do justice to this recognized musical treasure of the local music industry. Maybe somebody else would be better at the task.

Nonetheless, I think you will derive much pleasure just watching and listening to him sing in this video.... as I so much did. Enjoy! :-)


  1. Hi Elen,
    Music is universal, so anything that sounds good is good. I enjoy Kannada songs but I don't follow them.

    Sad to see the talented guy's career was cut short by untimely death.

  2. Hi Indra,

    Love it when you come visiting. :-) How are you? All's fine I hope and your wisdom tooth no longer giving you probs. :-)

    You're right... "Music is universal, so anything that sounds good is good." Thank you for reminding me of it. Now am going to flood you with music. hahahah Kidding! :-)

    Take care and have a lovely day!

  3. Music cuts across barriers - of region, language, caste, creed and colour. Listened to the song. Though I didn't understand a word of it, it has touched me in some way. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. So wonderfully said, RGB! How true. It's great to see great friends share the same sentiment on music. Thank you so much. It's appreciated. Take care and God bless!

  5. Music has no language.What is pleasing to the ear is alone good music.Some take it to sublime levels as this person seems to have done.Why is it that geniuses are usually short lived?A question I am unable to unravel

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  7. Ellen,

    Read 2 posts now. I fully agree with the quote at end of previous post. There is another saying which I may not be able to reproduce word by word but the essence is " It is not necessary to renounce the world and become a hermit to communicate with God, one who can live life with all family, doing what needs to be and still communicate with God is true hermit." Could not listen to the song, word do not matter as one can enjoy the voice modulations of the singer which can convey a lot as speakers are not working.

    Take care

  8. Note: That entry which says that I've deleted a comment refers to my own entry referring to KP's comment which seemed to have been lost. But which luckily has now reappeared. :-)

  9. Hi KP,

    I agree with you -- "Music has no language.What is pleasing to the ear is alone good music." :-)

    Hey this is a good question -- "Why is it that geniuses are usually short lived?"

    Maybe our friends here would put in their own insights to that.

    What I think is -- it's got nothing to do with 'genius'. Rather it's all about Somebody up there who alone decides when somebody is to leave.. or not. :-) We don't decide that unless we're so careless about our own personal safety and health.

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Take care and God bless.

  10. That's a lovely quote, Jack. I like it. Thanks for bringing it here.

    Oh too bad the speakers weren't working. I'm sure you would have loved to hear his rendition of that lovely Tagalog song. :-)

    Thanks for coming by. Hope you're having a good day. Be blessed and stay blessed.


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