Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Soon the month of June comes to its close, I would like to put in here one more post (or maybe two more) before we wrap up blog posts for the month and resume anew in July.

I consider June as one of my most memorable months this year. Of course for very obvious reasons that being my birthday month. But there's more. Amazingly from the very first day of June blessings started pouring in .... coming in different shapes, sizes, activities, people, and new learning. A bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Plus a couture cake Hm-mm..! My pretty new night light. A thoughtful and memorable greeting banner in the living room wall. A tote bag in the perfect size, shape, and color. And a huge luxurious treat from all three daughters with a sumptuous dinner prepared by them too,with my future-son-in-law. Bless friends who sent thoughtful text messages to my phone, lovely greetings on my facebook page, and beautiful e-cards online. And too, the blog has received wonderful insights perceptions and comments from friends and readers. So much learned from there and for which I sincerely thank everyone who visited and shared their beautiful thoughts. And for which I thank our wonderful God up there who pours out blessings in great measure.


It helps to understand that everybody grows old and even more to be enlightened that growing old should not much involve the length and width of body but rather the height and might of your heart and mind. You are only as old (or young) as you feel and think. Learn to seek out worthy things in your every hour everyday, and with every person you meet or every experience. It's all there just waiting to be discovered. But for the untrained and uninformed eye those things will simply pass you by. Never take things for granted, no matter how minute or insignificant they may appear to you. Sometimes great things come wrapped in small ordinary packages. Accept differences; respect where it comes from. Learn to sit quietly and listen for the sound of life. Let it touch you and fill you with deep gratitude for this precious profound gift. Remember to say 'thank you' to the One above from Whom all good things come.

:-) Happy Birthday to all celebrating their milestones this month of June. Celebrate it! - No ifs or buts!! Be happy and stay happy! Be blessed -- and stay blessed!


  1. "Growing old should not much involve the length and width of body but rather the height and might of your heart and mind." lovely lines :)
    June is a month of my mamma and brothers birthdays too...love it for that...May u have innumerable beautiful months ahead!!

  2. Happy and Blessed birthdays to your mamma and brothers!!! May God pour out immeasurable blessings upon them for the rest of their lives. And may these blessings too rest upon your sweet heart, dear Sana. :-)

  3. I am happy that June turned out to be a memorable month for you not only because of your birthday but also for countless little things that brought joy to you.Growing old gracefully is an art that does not come by easily to all.It is more a mental attitude.Given reasonably good health,old age can indeed be a blessing without many of the cares and responsibilities of the younger folks.
    A beautiful write up as usual.

  4. Hi KP,

    Thank you, indeed the blessings seem to just be pouring in. I do appreciate your insight into the subject of 'growing old gracefully'. I agree that a good mental attitude certainly helps a person cruise down life's bumpy road positively. Thank you for coming by and for sharing your viewpoint with us. God bless!

  5. Hi Elen,
    Happy birthday to you. June seems to have always been a great month for you.

    I am a December guy....I don't have any particular month that has always been good for me.

  6. Yeh it has been a good month for me as well. It's true that we must respect what we have and should be thankful for it.

    Nice Post

  7. Ellen,

    It is a fact that one should never sit back saying I am OLD. One should make all efforts to keep up with what new life brings in and share own experiences for betterment of society. There are so many things to learn and one can never deny that even most unlikely source could teach something very valuable.

    Take care

  8. Thank you, Indra. :-)

    Oh but I will disagree on that statement of yours this time. Lols! Because I believe there were good months laid out for you. But maybe because you have kept yourself so busy with work and stuff... you didn't see them or may have missed them. Don't worry, more will still be coming -- blessings poured in just for you. You're a good person, you deserve it. :-)

    Thanks for coming by. Always delighted to see you! God bless you.

  9. Great insight, Aby -- "It's true that we must respect what we have and should be thankful for it." Trust you to see your gold. Take care and God bless you. :-)

  10. Hi Jack! Thank you for coming by today and for sharing your wisdom with us. Wishing you a pleasant and blessed day with your loved ones. God bless you all. :-)


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