Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Two very real things happen in life – those things which we can influence or dictate upon --- and those things which we have no direct control over, truly just totally beyond our control.

When you tell yourself that you’ve lost one good opportunity because you failed to do quite enough, that’s only being too hard on yourself. If one thing doesn’t work, there will be lots more, definitely. Your opportunity or chance does not disappear when one excellent prospect flies out the window. Opportunities are still there, it’s only the choices which have been reduced. And it’s no fault of yours either. Remember that it takes two to tango – you and the company you’ve targeted. So you may think that you have what it takes for the job you seek, but think again, that company has its own criteria (they always do) on the people they’d like or want working for them. You may be a multi-faceted and very talented applicant but unfortunately you are not what they need. So say goodbye and walk out the door smiling and move on to the next one on your list. By the way, truth is that opportunity isn’t lost at all because some other guy or girl will be sure to take it. Think good thoughts and wish that person well.

And so I’ve learned that opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss.


  1. hi ellen.
    wow! totally impressed naman ako sa blog mo, esp. this ONE! naga-hop blogging ba tawag dun, di ako magaling sa english so pasensyahan na lang kung mali-mali hah( heheh, nagmamagaling alam mo naman-t.h LOL)--i am a fan of dfish, tapos, hayun nakita ko name mo,and am glad i opened it :) i am taking a break (hahah.from being a mom & non-stop cleaning and picking up stuff here & there) , and what a way to make my few minutes meaningful eh ng makita ko nga itong blog mo.

    I am so loving all the pictures of your super cute pets. Meron din kaming dobberman, tell yah, she could be a pain sometimes, and I keep asking God, Dear Lord, dog-lover or dog-person po ba ako? malapit na po maubos ang pasensya ko, meron din kasi akong super loving-active 22 month old. So feeling ko 3 tatlo anak ko (plus hubby!)Pero alam mo, after ko mapanood yung Marly & Me, na-realized talagang dog-lover ako. FOR SURE. so simula nun, i treat my terra (my dog) differently. No more non-sense yelling and swearing heheh..mabait na ako. so nung nakita ko pics nung mga pet mo...kahit di kita kilala. I feel You are a very loving, caring person.

    hayan. feeling ko gumawa ako sarili kong entry sa blog mo. sori ha. but thank you.
    have a lovely day girl!

    I promise. I will be visiting your blog whenever I can. So lovin' it :)

  2. Hi Gratitude! But am sure there's a real name behind Gratitude Lols! :-)

    This is wonderful.. seeing you here in my blog for the first time. I should thank DFish for that hahahah..! :-)

    You know what I did? Ay, punta agad ako sa blog mo (you have two!) -- both I find very engaging and interesting. Love the pictures you've posted in them. Cruising down your blogs I could never miss the main message it sends out to readers --- that nothing can ever beat a... FAMILY! and I agree to that a 100% :-)

    And .. nothing can give so much unconditional love and loving than dogs. Yes indeed, they are so good at loving.. even better than us humans sometimes do. Lols! At one time years ago, we had 7 dogs in the house. hahahah Ay naku riot talaga!! But imagine mo naman - getting that love 7 times over everyday! Super talaga noh? :-)

    Oh puleezzz, don't ever change your way of writing comments... it's great. I love it when readers take the time to write long messages. It's truly appreciated. Love reading them. Truly do!

    So then WELCOME to my place.
    Hoping to see you again.
    Blessings to you and your family.

    Ellen :-)


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